Before You Install

Make sure your system meets the minimum requirements before installing the Universal Connector on your Windows server. You can use the Universal Connector with Automate Schedule 4.0 and higher.

Note: Automate Schedule was previously called Skybot Scheduler.

Installing the Universal Connector

Complete the following steps to download and install the Universal Connector server software.

  1. Download the Universal Connector for Windows file from our website.
  2. Double-click the setupUniversalConnector.exe file.
  3. Follow the instructions to continue the installation.
  4. The Universal-Connector Server Setup window has you create a new Windows user named ‘ucdbuser’. Enter a password for the new user and click Create. Once the password is accepted, click OK to continue installation.

    Note: If you’re reinstalling the Universal Connector over a previous version, you won’t see this window.

    Universal Connector installation panel showing a username and password that is accepted.
  5. The Universal-Connector Server Configuration Manager window opens. You must set up ports for the Database and Universal Connector servers. The installer lets you know if the default ports are available. If a port is not available, enter a new port number and click Test to see if it is available. Once all ports are available, click OK to save the ports and continue the installation.

    The universal Connector installer panel showing the ports that are open and verified.

  6. When the installation is complete, click Finish.

After You Are Done

After installation is complete, add a Universal Connector server definition to Automate Schedule so that you can execute interfaces for various web services, either manually or from an Automate Schedule job. In the server definition, use the following format for the URL:

where is the IP address (or hostname) of your Universal Connector system, and 8788 is the connector port (8788 is the default).

When creating a Universal Connector server definition in Automate Schedule, you must enter a username and password for the server. The default username is “user”, and the default password is “password”.

For more information on using the Universal Connector and interfaces in Automate Schedule, see the Automate Schedule User Guide.


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Last Modified On: September 02, 2017