Follow these simple steps to install the Automate Schedule enterprise job scheduling software.


In this video, you will learn how to install Skybot Scheduler, the easy to use enterprise scheduling software.

Downloading Skybot Scheduler

First, contact a Skybot Software representative for your trial authorization code, which allows you to download the zip files to your PC. Once downloaded, open the readme.html file to access the installation instructions on our website. Read the installation instructions to get important information about the process and then return to the zip file. Double-click setupskybotscheduler.exe to start installation. It's as easy as clicking the 'next' button.

Starting the Installation

During the install, we will alert you if your system does not meet the minimum requirements for the Skybot job scheduling software. Choose where you would like to put your shortcuts to access Skybot Scheduler. Then click "install" to start the installation. You will be prompted to create a new windows user named Skybot. Set a password and click "ok" to continue. The port configuration manager determines port availability for Skybot Scheduler functions. Click "ok" to continue.

Beginning to Use Skybot Scheduler

You can use Skybot Scheduler immediately after installation by selecting the launch browser option. Once you log in, the getting started screen will display. This screen will guide you through entering your trial license code, installing an agent, and creating your first job. Congratulations, you have now installed the Skybot Scheduler workload automation software. Log in with the default admin username and password and start scheduling your enterprise jobs today.



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Last Modified On: October 24, 2019