Before You Begin

Read this article carefully before updating your software.


  • With version 4.0, Skybot Scheduler has been renamed to Automate Schedule and is now part of the Automate suite of products.
  • Back up your database before starting the update. For instructions, see Backing Up and Restoring the Automate Schedule Database. Be sure to move the backup file to another directory outside of the product directory tree to ensure that it’s not overwritten during the update.
  • Copy the Output folder from the server directory, to another location. This ensures that your export and import files are not removed during the update.
  • If you’re updating from Skybot Scheduler 3.9 or lower to Automate Schedule 4.0 or higher, the user ‘skybot’ is removed from the system during the update, and a new user called ‘automate’ is created.
  • If you are using Universal Connector and update to the most recent version of Automate Schedule, you must update Universal Connector as well. Errors could occur if they aren’t both updated.

Updating Automate Schedule on Windows Servers

Use the following instructions to download and update the Automate Schedule server software on your Windows enterprise server.

  1. Download the setupAutomateSchedule.exe installation file from the HelpSystems community portal.
  2. Double-click the setupAutomateSchedule.exe file.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to continue the update.
  4. Follow the instructions in the After You Are Done section, below.

Updating Automate Schedule on UNIX and Linux Servers

Complete the following steps to update the Automate Schedule software on your UNIX/Linux enterprise server.

  • Log in as root (or the user who originally installed the product).
  • Download the file setupAutomateSchedule.tar to a temporary directory on your system.
  • Use the following command to extract the contents of the file:

    tar -xf setupAutomateSchedule.tar

    Extracted files will be put in the directory named automatescheduleinstall.
  • Use the following commands to start the server installer:

    cd automatescheduleinstall

  • The installer displays the actions it is going to perform and asks for your permission to proceed.
  • When the installer has completed, it asks if you want to start the Automate Schedule server.

Updating a Single Agent

Use the following instructions to update the Automate Schedule software on your agents. Note: The following instructions do not apply to IBM i agents because they must be updated manually. For those instructions, see "Installing or Updating Automate Schedule Agents on the IBM i." 

  1. Log on to Automate Schedule as an administrator and click the Agents menu.
  2. Right-click the agent and select Update Agent.
  3. The Update Agent window displays. Click Update Agent to confirm.
  4. Follow the instructions in the After You Are Done section, below.

Note: The update process waits until there are no Automate Schedule jobs running on the agent before running the update. The agent is inactive for a few seconds while the update proceeds.

Updating All Agents

To update all agents in your Automate Schedule network, click Update All Agents on the Agents page. Note: You cannot use Update All Agents for IBM i agents. They must be manually updated individually.

Update all agents in your Automate Schedule network

After updating Windows agents, follow the instructions in the After You Are Done section, below.

Updating Automate Schedule if You're Using the High Availability Option

If you use Automate Schedule HA, then you'll also need to plan to update the Standby server at the same time as the Master. This should be done at the same time because there could be code dependencies that need to be in place for the software to work correctly. 

Note: Updating the HA system is the same as updating the Master (above).

After You Are Done

Windows only: If you’re upgrading from Skybot Scheduler 3.9 or lower to Automate Schedule 4.0 or higher, you must run the following batch files on the server and agents to ensure that any commands you have (in jobs, member jobs, or command sets) that use the Skybot directory or file names continue to work:

Run on the Windows server:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Help Systems\Automate Schedule\Create_Skybot_Server_Symlinks.bat

Run on each Windows agent:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Help Systems\Automate Schedule Agent\Create_Skybot_Agent_Symlinks.bat

You can also manually update the commands to use the new directory and file names, if you wish.


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Last Modified On: October 24, 2019