Before You Begin

To set up a high availability (HA) environment, you must already have Skybot Scheduler installed on your master server, but not have the software installed on your standby server.

  • Your standby server needs to match the OS and processor architecture (32- or 64-bit) of the master server.
  • The time zone configured for your standby server (regardless of its location) should match the time zone of the master server.
  • Make sure you have the admin password, network address, and listen port of the master server. To find the network address and listen port, in Skybot Scheduler on the master server, select Server Properties from the Server menu.

Installing Skybot Scheduler on the Standby Server

Install the same version of the server software on your standby server. For detailed instructions, see the Support articles on installing Skybot Scheduler on Windows or UNIX/Linux servers. 

Note: The software needs to be installed on the same relative directory path as the master server.

After installing Skybot Scheduler, run the configuration script (located in your Skybot Scheduler directory):

  • For Windows: masterToStandby.exe
  • For UNIX/Linux:

Caution: The configuration script deletes the local database and output files.

The configuration script connects the standby server to the master server, configures the local database to replicate the master's database, and sets up a network link for file and data transfers between the master and standby.

Verify Standby Server

To verify that the script completed and replication is working, log on to Skybot Scheduler on the master server using a web browser.

Note: The standby server does not display on the Agents page.

Under the Current Status section of the homepage, the STANDBY SERVER status should say Active with a green background:

Active standyby server highlighted on the Home page.

You can also check the standby server by typing its IP address in a web browser. A note states that the standby server is active and connecting to your master server:

Skybot Scheduler page that mentions the standby server.


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Last Modified On: October 24, 2019