SAP process chains can now be included in enterprise job schedules, where they can be started and monitored by Automate Schedule. Users can receive status reports of failure or completion, and subsequent jobs won't run until the entire chain has completed. Automate Schedule monitors the progress of each step in the process chain to completion. See how easy it is to include these complex automated processes in your job schedule.


SAP process chains can now be scheduled in Skybot Scheduler. Skybot will track all of the steps in the chain and monitor for the completion codes, so that the process chain can be used in a reactive job stream or a suite of Skybot jobs. SAP process chains are created just as we usually do. Here is our demo process chain, and you can see a number of different steps and connectors within this chain. Once your chain is ready to schedule, then log in to Skybot Scheduler to create your schedule for the process chain.

Creating a Schedule for the Process Chain

Your SAP system has previously been defined to Skybot. Skybot needs to know the server name, the instance of SAP, and there is a system ID. All of that information is in your SAP server, as well as the client code, language, and username for this environment. And again, that information is gotten from your SAP server. And you can create either individual jobs, or you can add SAP jobs to a job suite.

Our example is going to be an individual job. We're just going to open up one of the existing SAP process chain jobs that I have. And you give it a name, an agent that it will run on, and then you add the schedule to the job. As you can see, this chain runs everyday at 9:00. I could change the time; I could add maybe a weekly schedule, maybe it runs a different time on the weekend, month end type jobs, timed interval, et cetera. So we've got a lot of different scheduling options that you can use.

Adding a Command

Once you've got your schedule set, then you add your command. So, I've already got one process chainîI'm going to add another one because I can have multiple commands in a Skybot job. So I select from a list of built-in functions that I want to schedule, and this is my process chain. And now I select the system, you might have multiple SAP systems that you are using. The default system environment, I can select an individual one if I wanted to, if I had a specific environment I needed to use. And now I can either enter the process chain, technical name or the long description, and if you start typing Skybot will go out with a finder and populate both of those fields for you.

Save that, and now I've got a Skybot job that's going to run both of these process chains. I'm going to go ahead and run this, because I just want to show you how how we track the status of the process chain within the Skybot job log. So we will go ahead and do a run job now, and I'm just going to run the second command in this job.

Tracking the Process Chain

And now if I right click and bring up history, it will show me all the times that this job has run. And as you can see I have been doing testing with it today, I've run it a number of different times, and I also have one here, so there's our job that's running right now and it's active. I just wanted to show you the one that I cancelled earlier today. So if you cancel a process chain, either from SAP or from Skybot, we are going to track where it cancelled. So here's the date and the time, and the name of the job, et cetera and now we get down into the details.

So here is where Skybot is tracking the status of that process chain. So it's starting a process, it monitors it's active and then I went and terminated that process. So we are going to log that, and we know the Skybot user that terminated that job, and now we've got a cancelled status.

And down here we've got the details for each of the steps in that process chain. So we will tell you exactly where that chain ended. So most of the ABAP steps ran and we can see just above here the name of the program is Runs Long, that's where the cancel took place. So with Skybot it's very easy to schedule your SAP process chain.

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Last Modified On: October 24, 2019