InterMapper and InterMapper Flows do not need to run on the same server. In fact, this may be necessary when InterMapper Flows is handling a lot of flow data. You can leave the InterMapper server running on its current hardware and use a higher performance system for the NetFlow analysis.

The two servers communicate through a TCP connection. By default, they connect through localhost, but this can be changed by modifying two configuration files. You need to do the following:

  • Install InterMapper Flows on the InterMapper server - You can use a very small database size - this is only to get the proper files installed on that server. You do not need a serial number for it, as it will not be "in production." You can even stop the service/daemon by following the instructions on the ReadMe page.
  • Configure InterMapper to connect to the Flows server - On the InterMapper server, edit InterMapper Settings/Extensions/flows.xml to have an "address=" line, as shown:, where is the address of the IM Flows server:
      name='InterMapper Flows'
      version='build????' >
         class='com.helpsystems.intermapper.flows.remote.NSPluginIMFlows' />
  • Install InterMapper_Flows on the other server - Configure InterMapper Flows for a large database size.
  • On the other server, edit the /InterMapper/flows.conf file - On the InterMapper Flows server, add this line near the bottom (but above the "# EOF" line) of the flows.conf file:
    localhostonly no

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Last Modified On: September 02, 2017