If you are not seeing flows data in the Flows window, the following steps can help you sort through the possible causes.

  1. Check the firewall settings to make sure the correct ports are open:
    • 2055 - NetFlow
    • 9666, 9996 - J-Flow, CFlow
    • 6343 - sFlow
  2. Which type of flows is being used?
    • Netflow, J-Flow
    • sFlow
    Which version?
  3. Which OS are you using?
  4. What kind of exporters are you using? Manufacturer/model?
  5. If not seeing data, but exporters are configured, open the Flows Settings > Exporters window.
    Are any exporters listed there?
  6. If there are exporters listed in the Flows settings but no data is displayed:
    • Go to Flows Settings and view the About tab. Click 'Copy to Clipboard'.
    • Note which exporters and host filters that are being used.
    • Include a screenshot of the Top Hosts window.
    • Send to [email protected]

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Last Modified On: September 02, 2017