This topic assumes you want to dedicate a separate server to InterMapper DataCenter, including InterMapper Database, InterMapper Reports, and InterMapper Authentication Server modules. This server won't be doing any network monitoring. Multiple InterMapper servers connect to single instances of InterMapper Database, InterMapper Reports, and InterMapper Authentication Server modules running on this central server.

Installing InterMapper DataCenter on a Mac OS X or Windows Server

For Mac OS X and Windows systems, InterMapper DataCenter comes bundled with InterMapper when you install InterMapper you automatically install the modules that comprise InterMapper DataCenter.

To install InterMapper DataCenter on the central server, download and install InterMapper following normal installation procedures. InterMapper DataCenter modules are installed as part of this process.

Because this instance of InterMapper server doesn't monitor a network, there are no maps, so you don't need an InterMapper license. You can remove the startup of InterMapper Server from the system startup script if you wish.

Installing InterMapper DataCenter on a Linux Server

Download and install InterMapper DataCenter following normal installation procedures. No InterMapper license is required.

Using InterMapper DataCenter on a Virtual Server

A central installation of InterMapper DataCenter lends itself to use of a high performance, high capacity virtual server in the enterprise data center. This gives you the flexibility to add CPU and disk resources as necessary. To optimize performance, choose higher performance SAS disk storage, rather than less expensive SATA drives.

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Last Modified On: September 02, 2017