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GPF Error with RJS VB Scripting Engine in Windows iSeries Command Line Commands Data Type Conversions via FTP DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x80004005 Reports Print with White Text on a Black Background with OnePrint Client Express 52 Bad File Name of Number Trace Point: 575 Allowing iSeries Web Server Directory Browsing Century Software TinyTerm Function for Launching WebDocs Search AS/400 Mode Description for PC Support Downloading and Uploading an iSeries Source Member Enterprise Workflow Tag Library Sample iSeries itoa C Function THREED20.OCX active 3d AS/400 FTP Server Abends when Started Make the CA/400 ODBC Driver Case Aware Debugging RJS FTP Errors Querying In Memory DataTable in VB.Net Cannot Communicate with MACHNM1.EXE running WinSpool/400 Email Report Server Message MCH42B5 received after upgrade to V6R1 Finding System Values for Troubleshooting International File Downloads Setting TCP/IP for the iSeries to connect to the internet Placing VB Code in a FormDocs Form Overlay Restoring an Entire AS/400 IFS Directory Capturing SCS and AFP Spool Files to AS/400 Database File SQL methods for reading records from a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet via ADO/ODBC Converting from C prototypes to RPG prototypes Client Access/400 ODBC Doesn't Work with TCP/IP List of Visual Basic 5 Runtime Files WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server Freezes during Conversion HTTP Error 404 - File or Directory not found with FormDocs Configuring Tomcat for Performance on the iSeries Run Time error 713 from RJS Software Products Associating RTF Documents with MS Word for viewing from Windows or Internet Explorer Autodisconnecting Router Using ACOMINDEX Settings in Batch Report Server Using Event Watches on the iSeries User not logged in error with WinSpool/400 Web Report Server Catalyst SMTP Error Return Codes Calling a SQL Function from within a Row Block of Another Function Sample CL Program for Setting User Defined Data (USRDFNDTA) when printing a report Sample SQL Script to Retrieve ADO Database Record FormDocs Automation Basic Editor Scripting Samples File Transfer Protocol Errors Changing APPC Controller Switched Disconnect Status Running FDMRGSPLF from an RPG or CL Program to Merge Spool Files Natively Sample ILE RPG Date Formatting Code Quadrant Formtastic RDX Document Type Sample Troubleshooting FTP Connections by Checking for TCP/IP Port Restrictions or Exit Programs on the iSeries Creating a File Object for Opening an AS/400 File Member from a Multi-Member AS/400 Physical File Using SQL Statements Setting Up ODBC from Microsoft Access to the iSeries Converting CCSID Correctly when Downloading Reports Manually Sending Standard & Secure SMTP Test Messages Setting an AS/400 Job Description for Message Logging Setting Windows Applications to Run as Administrator FTP Error 22020 when trying to retreive the output queue list Manually Downloading IFS Files from the AS/400 IFS via DOS Command Line FTP Tuning for HTTP Server Performance DDS Keyword for Barcode Support in Print File Information on Different TIFF File Formats Dumping and Sending Trace Information for the OnePrint Client Express AFP/IPDS Emulator Defining Referencing and Setting Variables Transferring AS/400 Libraries and Objects via FTP Copying a Spool File to a Physical File or User Space PDF Encryption and Password Protection in FormDocs and WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server Debugging Host Server Jobs on iSeries Repairing ASP.NET Enabling System Naming Mode for Net.Data iSeries Spool File Security Tips for using the Integrated File System How does Email Report Server/400 Product Compare to IBM's Infoprint Server Error 92 Unmonitored error 91 Object variable or With block variable not set Trace point: 1430 Installing RJS Library and Cannot use RJS FTP Install Program because AS/400 FTP Server Defaults to NAMEFMT 1 Enterprise Workflow Web Client Customization Current Versions and OS Compatibility—Document Management (RJS) Uploading an AS/400 Report to the AS/400 Combining iSeries Data with Microsoft Word Tracing AS/400 TCP/IP Communications Setting AS/400 Apache Server Web Directives for Web Report Server/400 Sample VB script code to set the path to an image object dynamically Backing up WebDocs iSeries Library Data and Document Files Using the FDMERGE Multi-Threaded Form Merge Command Verifying that the iSeries FTP Server is Working Correctly Checking if a Library is Locked Improving Net.Data Performance Using the START_ROW_NUM Report Variable Problems Sending Multiple Reports or Files to a User when the Lotus Notes (VIM32) API Is Enabled Enterprise Workflow Workpiece Information Page Finding Lotus Notes User and Domain Information Possible FTP Errors Available TCP/IP Ports Password Protection for FormDocs Form Templates REGSVR32.EXE File Missing when Installing VB 5 Run-Time Files HTTP 500.100 : ASP 0177 (0x800401F3) Uninstalling Web Report Server/400 from an AS/400 system Excel OLE DB Sample for RPG2SQL - writing to spreadsheet Creating a Workpiece from a WebDocs iSeries Exit Program Monitoring for Errors when using the CPYSPLHPT command from a CL program to convert reports to PCL format Error when Launching DotNet Common Language Runtime Applications from Shared Network Drive Creating a Remote Output Queue for TCP/IP Printing to HP Laser Printers Alternatives to Batch Data Transfer Sample CL/RPG V5R1 Free Program for Using SMTPTEXT Command to Send Text Message No Output Directory Information Selected Transferring Media from the iSeries to Writeable CDs or DVDs SMTP Email Attachments Being Split Up on the iSeries PDF documents opening in an application other than Adobe Acrobat Reader Configuring the iSeries for TCP/IP Setting email addresses for MAILTO: in the user defined data of a spool file Creating an interactive job log Cannot register DLL or OCX control in Windows: Load Library Error: Invalid Access to Memory Location How to Purge the RJSTEMP directory on the IFS AS/400 Code Pages CCSIDs Small Font Size in Output when Printing over TCP/IP Understanding DNS Servers, IP Addresses, and Host Names Changing a Spool File Name Installing Apache Tomcat Server 5.5.15 on the iSeries Displaying and Printing HTML Reports with Microsoft Internet Explorer Viewing iSeries Exit-Program Information Determine the AS/400 system name Restoring RJS Libraries by Copying Save File from IFS to PCSINST Library Deleting and recreating RJSTEMP Work Folder Saving an iSeries Library to a save file and copying with CPYTOSTMF Emails Not Sent with SNDDST Displaying AS/400 APPC Mode Status Identifying AS/400 System CCSID Information Trying to use RTF Convertor in Batch Report Server gets the Error 91 trace point 1440 Sample VB Script to Assign Fields from Page 1 to Page 2 Operation must use an updatable query Sending a Spooled File to Support for Testing Move Information from RPG/COBOL program to User Defined Data in a Spool File Changing Paper Trays and Collating
Revision History for Batch Report Server/400 Revision History for WebDocs Tray Capture Revision History for DataExport Revision History for iForms Server Revision History for SignHere Revision History for 5250 Integrator Revision History for WebForms Revision History for Windows Integrator Revision History for RPG2SQL Revision History for WinSpool/400 Email Report Server Revision History for iForms Designer Revision History for WebDocs iSeries Workflow Client Revision History for WebDocs iSeries Batch Import Revision History for WebDocs Lotus Notes Add-In Revision History for WinSpool/400 Batch Report Server Revision History for iForms Text Designer Revision History for iSeries PDF & TIFF Utilities Revision History for Report Splitter Revision History for iSeries Office Integrator PC Component Revision History for Info Print Integrator/400 Revision History for PCL to PDF Converter/400 Revision History for Imaging Scan Workstation Revision History for IFS Tools Revision History for WebDocs Windows Revision History for WebDocs iSeries Revision History for WebDocs Microsoft Office Add-Ins Revision History for WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server Revision History for RPG2SQL PC Component Revision History for PDF Splitter Revision History for Batch OCR for WebDocs iSeries Revision History for Email Monitor Revision History for POP/400 Revision History for iForms Library Revision History for WinSpool/400 Revision History for Imaging Client Revision History for Domino Report Server/400 Revision History for iSeries Office Integrator DQ Revision History for DataImport Revision History for iSeries Office Integrator Revision History for WebSpool Revision History for SMTP/400 Revision History for Enterprise Workflow Revision History for DeliverNow Revision History for Email Report Server/400 Revision History for WinSpool/400 Report Download Revision History for iSeries Report Converters
Adding RPTMON command to the iSeries Job Scheduler Cannot Split a Report with RPTMON Changing the spool file USER ID attribute in the Report Distribution table. CPF1015 Error - Data area RPTPAGES in QTEMP not found Decimal Data Error from RS005R with iSeries Report Splitter Error 934 with Report Splitter when using *SELECT Error 'Internal Job Identifier is not valid' Error Trying to Copy a Report When Splitting t a Report Granting Object Security for iSeries Report Splitter How to Run a Report Monitor Endlessly iSeries Report Splitter doesn't save changes to the Report Distribution Table iSeries Report Splitter inadvertently deletes report files iSeries Report Splitter is deleting reports in RPTSPLOUTQ before splitting Printer device PRT01 not found Problem Running RPTMON Command from a Batch Job Stream Processing an Output Queue with GENOUTQMON Report Merge Command RPTMRG Fails during processing Report Splitter does not handle control characters correctly, but the DUPSPLF command does Report Splitter Reprints to the Wrong Output Queue RPTMON command fails if called more than once within the same program Sample Workflow for Applying Different Forms to Spool Files based on Email Address Setting PDF attributes in the User Defined Options Setting RJSWRKOUTQ in iSeriesReport Splitter to call MAILRPT instead of MAILSPLF Specifying a List of Values in a SQL Selection Statement for iSeries Report Splitter What is program QWTSETP on the AS/400 RPG procedure RS005R in program RJSSPLIT/RS005R at statement 2001
Requirements for using Hold/Release in WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server Error -5 when Merging Error -2147023174 Automation Error Trace Point: 4455 Error 438 Object Doesn't Support This Property or Method. Trace Point: 2500 Error -2147352567 Create a Spool File from an AS/400 HTML or Text Database File Unmonitored error 52 Bad file name or number Trace point: 4400 Installing RJS Barcode ActiveX for Scripting Using WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server with V3R2 Reform Spooler Not Processing Electronic Form Reports FTP Error 22049 when trying to Re-Spool back to an output queue Error 53 File Not Found with WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server Error 9 subscript out of range while using the RJS Text Layer Designer Using WinSpool/400 Postscript to PDF Converter and Adobe Acrobat Distiller Error 00006 using the FDMERGE command Error 500: 500 Form merge error -2147352567 Unable to access the printer due to insufficient system resources Print Server ignores additional options when respooling Error 4 merge error Creating a LPR Port on Windows 2000/XP/2003 to print to AS/400 print queue FTP Send File Error 22016 occured while sending file Error -4 occurs while spooling file to the iSeries Error 91 with FDMERGE and MergeForm.aspx on Windows 2000 Server Test merge failed with an error code 13 Merge Error Trace Point: 4455 in WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server Sample VB Script for Generating Barcodes Dynamically from within FormDocs Error 91 when Spooling a Report back to an Output Queue IIS Error on initial call to MergeForm.aspx from FDMERGE command Password Protection during Conversion in WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server An unknown error occurred while retrieving the Output Directory List Trace Point: 3100 Error 4 with FDMERGE command -9997 error occurs when re-spooling back to an AS/400 output queue The test merge failed with error code -2147352567 Error -1 occurs with WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server when trying to merge a FormDocs form Using WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server with WinSpool/400 Email Report Server FDMERGE Error Codes Error -2147217895 in Trace Point 4455 from WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server
Email Report Server/400 Output Queue Monitor Crashes with Job Message Queue Full message Sending Faxes using FaxBack and MAILSPLF Error 00098 when sending fax or email Simple MAILSPLF CL Program Sample with basic error handling Unmonitored error 61 Disk Full at Trace point: 1460 Error 00019 when emailing reports Sample Workstation Customization Object (WSCST) to create a 300 DPI TIFF File when using AFP-to-TIF or AFP-to-PDF Converter Error trying to copy report when trying to send an email Attempt to use permanent system object LIBNOTES without authority Setting From Email Address in Email Report Server/400 based on the document's original user ID Renaming and Using a QWPTIFFG4 Workstation Customization Object CPA3312 Error occurs when emailing a DBCS-enabled report with MAILSPLF Sending Multiple Attachments with Email Report Server/400 Using Authenticated SMTP with Email and Fax Servers with Email Report Server/400 and Enterprise Fax Allowing the AS/400 to Relay Email Messages as a Mail Relay Setting Automatic Font Scaling for PDFs with Email Report Server/400 Changing Report Attachment Names in Email Report Server/400 Corrupted Report Attachments or cannot open report attachments received from your mail server when using Email Report Server/400 Greater than sign displaying in emails Attachment is embedded into the body of the email Configuring Lotus Notes Domino Server for Mail Relaying Creating updateable PDF Files with Email Report Server/400 Setting Up a Real Internet SMTP Mail Server DNS Address for Sending Email Determining Number of Report Lines to Scan when Checking for MAILTO: lines in a report Sample Program using MAILSPLF command From Address Are Being Stripped from Outbound Reports Output Queue Monitor is ending immediately after being submitted to batch Removing the Date and Number of Pages from the Email Subject Line The Target for a Numeric Operation Is too Small to Hold the Result Using ERSDUPSPL Command to Duplicate Reports for Emailing with Email Report Server/400 Bad characters in Email Address using MAILSPLF in Email Report Server/400 Error 00011 When Emailing Reports Using the MAILSPLSEL Command for Interactive Emailing from RJSWRKOUTQ and RJSWRKSPLF Commands Reports get processed repeatedly in RJSERS Temporary Files in /RJSTEMP not being deleted on V5R3 Email Report Server locks up during mailing of a report using SMTP Error return codes from iSeries Email Products Embedding Commands in the User Defined Data Data in the report is overlaying one another when trying to email a report Preventing Users from Changing From Address when Emailing from RJSWRKOUTQ screen Error 0002 when sending SMTP emails No Recipients Selected Error with Email Report Server/400 Viewing small RTF reports correctly with cc:Mail Changing the default output type on the MAILSPLF command Error 00020 with MAILSPLF, but MAILOUTQ works correctly Attachments being embedded as part of text message when sending files via Lotus Notes Data is being offset by one byte, causing some reports to rotate to landscape Switched from MAPI email system to SMTP and getting bad email address errors Debugging Email Report Server/400 Mail Sending Problems Sending detailed messages when MAILSPLF command fails Setting Alternate From and Reply-To Email Addresses in Email Report Server/400 Email Report Server/400 From Address Options Unspecified Failure Sending Email with Email Report Server/400 Granting Object Security for Email Report Server/400 Using Group Email Addresses in Email Report Server/400 ERS002 failed with -0002 error Using Courier Linux Mail Server and getting 00020 error after sending a report with MAILSPLF From email addresses not sent from a Domino Server to Yahoo or Hotmail Changing Parameter Defaults for the MAILRPT command Changing the Move-To Library and Output Queue at the Spool-File Level
Error 500 MS Word OLE error: 13 The data is invalid occurring when running back to back mail merges Sending a File to a Network Drive Letter with the OFCDBSND Command 32002 error from Outlook sending attachment via OFCRUNPC command Merging, Printing and Saving via iSeries Office Integrator PC Command Error: 500 500 Send email error: CreateNewMessage Error 32002 Unspecified Failure has occurred Create a Named Ranged in a Spreadsheet to access via ODBC Choosing the Printer Tray with OFCRUNPC or FTPRUNPC Format Excel Files Sent from Office Integrator Automation Error when Launching Microsoft Word or Excel Keeping Microsoft Word open for multiple Mail Merges Using VBScript Macros with OFCRUNPC in iSeries Office Integrator Setting up iSeries Office Integrator on a Windows Terminal Services Server Errors when trying to do a MERGELETTERSAVE Word OLE Error 5151 When Running Word Mail Merge with FTP Remote Command Server CPF4101 in iSeries Office Integrator Joblog Cannot Access Remote System from iSeries Using System Name Microsoft Word Mail Merge Tech Tip: Numeric Fields Not Displaying Currency Sign Error 75 Path/File Access Error with Office Integrator Creating Directories with OFCRUNPC Command in iSeries Office Integrator 5535 PC Command Error: 500 500 MS Word OLE error: 5535 Word could not finish merging these documents or inserting this database Troubleshooting iSeries Office Integrator Sample CL Program for Scanning Document Batches from an emulator with iSeries Office Integrator
Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement Error -2147217904 Too few parameters Expected 12 inserting record to .mdb using RPG2SQL Checking for the end-of-file (EOF) Samples for coding SQL WHERE criteria in ILE RPG program when using RPG2SQL Using Text File Driver (ODBC) with RPG2SQL Sorting records with ORDER BY in SQL Error -2147217900 with the stored procedure call to Oracle Severe -3010 07001 Error when downloading a file to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet Using RPG2SQL Source Samples with iSeries System running a CCSID other than 037 (US) GCompiler Sample for using RPG2SQL with an ILE SQL RPG Program Timeout expired error occurring during SQL SELECT with RPG2SQL Error 52 File Not Found with RPG2SQL ODBC Driver Does Not Work with Microsoft Access 2007 Convert SQL Money format to Floating Point Checking for an Empty Recordset Padding a Character Parameter When Calling a Program German Translation Tables for RPG2SQL Sample Program to Read a Fixed Flat PC Text File using RPG2SQL Error -2147217887 Optional Feature Not Implemented Date/Time Data Reading Empty Cells from Excel Spreadsheet Configuring and Testing NotesSQL ODBC Driver to Use with RPG2SQL Severe -1305 S0002 Error when downloading a file to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet Error 3704 while trying to connect to run a query against an XLS file using RPG2SQL Access table creation, manipulation or deleting with RPG2SQL Creating a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Template to use with RPG2SQL Sample ILE RPG code to format ISO date/time field Can RPG2SQL be used to compact an MS Access database MDB file? Setting XLS colors in RPG2SQL SQL Criteria to Select Data from a DateTime or Date Field in Microsoft SQL Server Not Able to Connect to RPG2SQL From Your RPG Program Error 91 Object variable or With block variable not set using RPG2SQL Sample SQL User Defined Function (UDF) Deleting Records from SQL Server Database using a DateTime field Merging Two Columns into a Third Column in Excel Is RPG2SQL compatible with V6R1 and V7R1? -2147467259 Operation must use an updatable query Formatting Date/Time Criteria for an SQL Select Statement Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table when IDENTITY INSERT is set to OFF Testing Whether RPG2SQL PC Server Component Is Running Using RPG2SQL with MySQL ODBC Driver Using Excel 2007 XML Format with RPG2SQL Creating an index on a Microsoft Access Table via SQL using RPG2SQL SQL Server Error 18452 Not associated with a trusted SQL server connection Reserving a new GUID in SQL Server Microsoft Access Driver - Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement Reading an XLS Sheet Name with spaces in RPG2SQL What version of the RPG2SQL library is installed?
Legacy fields in DOCS00 Error 22029 During Document Check In to WebDocs iSeries Using APIs to Interact with WebDocs iSeries What parameters does DOCMOUNT use when it calls the MOUNT command Setting Up a New WebDocs iSeries Web Configuration FTP Error 22049 Retrieving Folder/Index Information Clearing/Repairing WebDocs iSeries folder names WebDocs iSeries .Net API Issues with ClientAccess V6R1 Displaying iSeries Physical Files and Field Layouts User-defined function error on member DOCFLR00 Stored procedures & user-defined functions in WebDocs iSeries Setting up Thumbnail Display in WebDocs iSeries Modifying WebDocs iSeries Edition Look and Feel 430 Class Doesn't Support Automation Error when Launching Image Viewer with DOCIMGVW command Email address does not display in messages from WebDocs email (DOCSEND) Using URL Searching with WebDocs iSeries Fixing paths in WebDocs iSeries (NFS Edition) Setting Up Search Look-Up Filters on the WebDocs iSeries Search Page Capturing Inbound Faxes with Quadrant Fastfax Purging expired documents from WebDocs iSeries Creating a User Defined File System to Store WebDocs iSeries Documents Setting Up WebDocs iSeries Workflow Notifications Deleting Users, Folders, and Other Objects from WebDocs iSeries Starting HTTP servers with different library lists Errors when installing CAB file for WebDocs ActiveX downloads CPFA1CE error occurred while mapping NFS directory Deleting WebDocs Event Monitor Records with Blank To Email Addresses Error Cannot read script output pipe when uploading to WebDocs iSeries from web browser WebDocs iSeries Related Products User ID and Group Security Profile Set-Up in Webdocs iSeries Problems Writing Documents to the Windows NFS Server from WebDocs Sample Exit Program for Updating a New Document's Keys based on an Existing Matching Document Faxing WebDocs IFS Documents via Quadrant FastFax LAN API Prototype for calling DOCIMG01R Using DOCSQL command to view or update records in the WebDocs iSeries document table DOCS00 Unable to open a document that was converted from IBM WAF/Visual Info Error CPFA0B1 received when accessing NFS share Automatic Revisioning NFS File Sharing on OS/400 DotNet API Joblog Error 500 when Uploading a Document to WebDocs iSeries Exact Search in WebDocs iSeries Using Authenticated SMTP with Email Servers with WebDocs iSeries Edition Purging documents out of WebDocs iSeries Clearing documents from a user's routing inbox in WebDocs iSeries No Input Documents Are Selected When Running Start Barcoded Document Checkin Workflow Error 500 Occurred When Trying to Bring Up the WebDocs iSeries Log-in Screen Updated and Digitally Signed RJSIETFR.OCX ActiveX Control for WebDocs CL Sample Program for WebDocs iSeries URL Searching Clearing/Deleting All Documents from WebDocs iSeries for Initializing the System SQL PTFs for WebDocs iSeries Performance on V5R2 How to enable full text search for WebDocs CPFA09C: Not authorized to object. Object is *N Error 25731 when checking in to WebDocs iSeries from Imaging Scan Workstation Error at line 259 when viewing folder items in WebDocs iSeries Checking in a New Document with WebDocs .Net API Full-Text Indexing after Check-In to WebDocs iSeries Using SQL URL Searching with WebDocs iSeries Installing WebDocs iSeries Lotus Notes Add-In WebDocs iSeries Edition Common Exit Points Adding WebDocs User and Security Info Ports to open for the WebDocs iSeries .NET API What SnapServer NAS Server versions are supported for storing documents with WebDocs iSeries Advanced Troubleshooting in WebDocs iSeries How to Serve WebDocs Documents via a Custom Windows IIS or Apache Web Application Error CPFA1CE received when mounting NFS share WebDocs iSeries DOCFLOWEXC Operation Codes WebDocs iSeries document does not open but download meter shows Duplicate or Double Documents Showing Up in WebDocs Search Dealing with temporary files in WebDocs iSeries Error 500 in web browser after updating OS/400 operating system WebDocs Hacks: Forcing Upper-Case User Names on Log-in Debugging DOCSEND Email-Sending Problems in WebDocs iSeries Pound Sign Does Not Pass Correctly in URL Searches HTTP Error 404- File or Directory not found for WebDocs log-in page When upgrading WebDocs iSeries exit programs What version of the RJSIMAGE library is installed? Extracting Full Text Index Information from AS/400
Error 70 Occurred while copying file in WinSpool/400 Batch Report Server Unable to Log On to FTP Server: 0 Allowing for Shorter File Extension Counters in WinSpool/400 Batch Report Server CPYSPLF Causes QTFTP Program Dumps from the iSeries FTP Server Unmonitored error 3036 Database has reached maximum size Error at Trace Point: 3100 EHNAPPC Receive Error Occurred How do I monitor an active WinSpool/400 report downloading process on the AS/400 Error occurred on command WINSPOOL/WSPL020 Info Warning Trace Point 4430 Error Opening Database Trace Point: 1000 when Viewing Reports from a CD Rom Error 25753 trying to FTP with WinSpool/400 Batch Report Server Error 75 Path/file access error at Trace Point: 4400 Error 67 Too Many Files Occurred When Downloading The Jet VBA File VBAJet32.dll Failed to Initialize - Causes Runtime Error 3447 Converting Reports to TXT Format for OnBase COLD Error 61 - Disc Full Unmonitored Error 70 - Permission Denied - Trace Point: 4400 Run Time Error 52 - Bad file name or number ERROR: -3 in Winspool Batch Report Server Unmonitored Error Type Mismatch Print is very small when using Adobe Distiller 5.0 with WinSpool/400 PDF Report Converter Error 70 with WinSpool/400 Batch Report Server and Document Server Error 75 When Deleting Reports Error 75 Path/File access error Error 438 message at Trace Point: 1000 Debugging WinSpool/400 Batch Report Server Errors on the AS/400 Allowing Users with Limited Capability to Use TCP/IP with WinSpool/400 Out of Memory Error when Report Download Starts WinSpool/400 Batch Report Server Settings for AFP to TIFF using Host Print Transform Unmonitored error 91 Object variable or With block variable not set Trace Point: 10001 Unmonitored Error 53 - File not found - Trace Point: 4400 FTP Error 25751 Trace Point 10003 when trying to FTP Enabling Advanced PDF Security Unmonitored Error 3315 with WinSpool/400 Batch Report Server Unmonitored error 91 Object variable or With block variable not set Trace point: 1445 Error 22043 when downloading large reports from the iSeries Formatting ASCII Text Documents for Microsoft Word Unmonitored error 52 Bad file name or number Trace point: 20200 Out of Memory Error when Report Download Starts Error Loading VBOA300.DLL Unmonitored Error 52 from WinSpool/400 Batch Report Server at Trace Point: 4400 Sending a report to multiple destination directories with WinSpool/400 Batch Report Server WSPMOVE Error converting to PDF with WinSpool/400 Email Report Server Matching parenthesis not found Converting the UK Sterling Symbol Correctly when Downloading Reports
Configuring WinSpool/400 PCL to PDF Converter for WinSpool/400 Email Report Server Setting Up Eudora for WinSpool/400 Email Report Server Report Not Marked with *SENT in User Data after Emailing Unspecified failure when trying to send an email with WinSpool/400 Email Report Server Unmonitored Error 0 at Trace Point 1455 Error Emailing Report: Email Report Server is not Active Using cc:Mail and MAPIVIM.DLL with WinSpool/400 Email Report Server Unspecified Failure occurs while sending a report via the WinSpool/400 Email Report Server using Exchange Error 7067 when sending email with WinSpool/400 Email Report Server Unrecognized Recipient when trying to email using Microsoft Outlook with WinSpool/400 Email Report Server Stopping Microsoft Exchange from Saving Sent Mail Items 22207 Error - cannot connect to SMTP server SMTP 22213 and 22218 errors Unmonitored Error 13, type mismatch, at trace point 500/509 Reports Being Sent to Extra Invalid Email Addresses WinSpool/400 Email Report Server SMTP Email API Error Return Codes Error 22215 - no email recipient specified Reports Are Uncompressed Even When Compression Is Enabled Error 7294 when sending email with WinSpool/400 Email Report Server Outlook Express error program automatically trying to send an email on your behalf OLE Automation Server Cannot Create Object Class Does Not Support OLE Automation Error Error 52 from WinSpool/400 Email Report Server after Downloading and Emailing a Report S32EVNT1.dll and SYMevnt.386 do not match RPC Server Unavailable Error when Running WinSpool/400 Email Report Server as a Service Automatic Login using Microsoft Exchange, Windows Messaging, or Outlook Notes OLE Error 0- Optimizing Eudora for Sending Documents with WinSpool/400 Email Report Server File attachments being embedded as part of the text message when sending files via SMTP VIM Error 5 Occurred while Opening Lotus Notes Mail Session Problem Logging into Lotus Notes. Error -983018 was received Setting Up SMTP Authentication before Emailing Error 11 Occurred While Logging Into Lotus Notes via VIM32.DLL API Attachment not found during ZSP processing in WinSpool/400 Email Report Server CPU Not Authorized Error Using the Short Subject Line and Alternate Subject Line in WinSpool/400 Email Report Server Error -91 trace point 20000 using DataImport and WinSpool/400 Email Report Server Reports not emailing when using ADDRINFO parameter to set MAILTO address Converting with WinSpool/400 Email Report Server Unmonitored Error 3163 How do I limit the number of lines to scan when using the MAILTO: keyword within a report heading Cannot exit this screen unless the record is updated with the WinSpool/400 Email Report Server Unmonitored Error 94 Invalid Use of Null Trace point: 1410 Error 3041 when opening WinSpool/400 Email Report Server or WinSpool/400 Batch Report Server Sending Embedded HTML Text Messages in WinSpool/400 Email Report Server Zipped report passwords are converted to upper case when using the MAILRPT API VIM Error 23 when starting WinSpool/400 Email Report Server VIM32 Error 50200577 Occurred While Sending Email Message Debugging WinSpool/400 Email Report Server Errors on the iSeries Using Monarch for DOS/Windows to process spool files with WinSpool/400 Email Report Server No Report Recipients are Being Selected when Using Specific Selection Criteria Error -2147024770 Trace Point: 20000 when emailing a report with WinSpool/400 Email Report Server SMTP: Inbound Attachment Named PART.00x VIM32 Error 16973825 while trying to start WinSpool/400 Email Report Server AS/400 FTP Server Is Constantly Creating Joblogs SMTP Errors 22207, 22207, or 22210 Error 75 with WinSpool/400 PDF Report Converter in Windows 2000 Error at Trace Point 1600 when Emailing Reports Getting Multiple Copies of Reports
Deleting reports after downloading with WinSpool/400 Server Error: Requesting System's ID is the same as the server's ID The changes you requested to the table were not successful because they would create duplicate values in the index, primary key, or relationship Program WSPL004C is not observable when installed from the RJS Software CD iSeries FTP Security Exit Program for use with WinSpool/400 -2147024895 Automation Error when Sending Report from WinSpool 98 to Microsoft Word Setting up WinSpool 95 or WinSpool 98 to create a job log after each download for troubleshooting Unresolvable Invalid command response error occurred on command WSPL016/WSPL019 Reports not displaying in report list in WinSpool 98 Setting WinSpool/400 Spool Control Authority Error 22040 When Downloading Report with WinSpool/400 Error 22035 while receiving file from AS/400 License Error with WinSpool products Error 7225 Trace point 4550 Receiving "Invalid Entry Point" Error When Installing Why do WinSpool jobs stay active on my FTP Server after processing is done FTP Error 331 trying to get list of reports with WinSpool/400 Report Download Manually Downloading a DBCS or Special Font Spool File for Sending to RJS for Review Error 76 File Not Found with WinSpool 98 and Send to DataImport Error 25742 received when downloading reports Error when Downloading Does the Lotus Notes Report Server software support UNC locations Errors occurred while processing spool files with Batch Report Server V2.0 - Trace Point 200 - 3043/3044 Disk or network error Running PDF Report Converter from WinSpool/400 Auto Process Error 0 Received from FTP Server when Downloading Cannot Register Class when trying to send report to Lotus Notes Database - Error 8965-8965 Setting Up WinSpool/400 TCP/IP APIs for AS/400 Users with Limited Capabilities Blocking User Access to an Output Queue Testing WinSpool/400 Lotus Notes Report Server Using WinSpool/400 PDF Report Converter with Adobe Acrobat Distiller Converting Lotus Notes Mail File Templates to iNotes Format Storing the User ID and Password for WinSpool/400 7076 Error from Lotus Notes Report Server Object variable or block with not set, error 91 and trace point 200 Opening attachments without viewing Work with Report Document Error 7 Out of Memory Trace Point 800 launching WinSpool Setting WinSpool/400 Object Authority Unable to Log on to FTP Server: 530 Log on attempt by user rejected WinSpool/400 Performance Improvements Manually Downloading a Spool File using WinSpool/400 commands and the DOS FTP prompt Error 52 from WinSpool 98 While Downloading and Converting to PDF WinSpool Report Download Error 2574 W550 Error on command RSTLIB FTP Error 25737: Unable to create local file WinSpool/400 Batch Report Server: File already open by another user Can the WinSpool/400 DataImport Report Converter Append to Output Files when used with the WinSpool/400 Batch Report Server? Error WINSPOOL/WSPL016 or WSPL021 with WinSpool/400 Report Download Error occurred on command WINSPOOL/WSPL016 Error (114) Reading a Document Converted to PDF Error 7067 from WinSpool/400 Lotus Notes Report Server License error 1015 run time error 429 Debugging WinSpool/400 Errors on the AS/400 Error -92 when trying to convert a report Sample CL Program for using the WSPDUPSPL API Command to duplicate a spool file Manually Downloading a Spool File using the CPYSPLF command and the DOS FTP prompt Emailing EZ Print/400 or Optio Reports Automatically to Multiple Email Addresses from a User Process and WinSpool/400 Email Report Server iSeries users do not have *SPLCTL authority but can still view or download AS/400 spool files ANSI Print Control Characters *FCFC Manually Downloading a Output Queue List using WinSpool commands and the DOS FTP prompt Setting Up WinSpool/400 Lotus Notes Report Server for Production on a Lotus Notes/Domino Server Additional Method for Setting Access for Restricted Users