Unnamed File Cannot be found in Warehouse Manager Client Excel Add-in Macro Error Uninstall a Showcase Server Check if Mult-thread Job Queue Used For Showcase Install Showcase Support Questions Check if JAVA is Working on the iSeries Warehouse Manager Resource Settings Part II Opening Excel Workbook with Query Reference Produces Error JD Edwards World/OneWorld/EnterpriseOne Integration with ShowCase v9.1 Use the Auditing Function Within Warehouse Manager Client Showcase Journals and Journal Receivers Make Query Run Faster Using the SQE Engine Query an Excel Worksheet using Showcase Query Batch Processing in Showcase Generates Only HEX or GRAPHIC Fields Add a Column to Sequentially Rank Records Showcase ODBC SQL Negative Scale Not Valid Invalid Date or Time Format Error Scheduling Query Job Profile Required for Install Query a Multi-Member File Query Results in Excel Viewer Error 'Viewer selected could not be started' Showcase JD Edwards Support Change the SQL Database Name for Excel Data Source Prompt From a PC File Uninstall the Borland Database Engine Install C&DS Adapters Showcase and QSQSRVR Jobs Debug Steps for Showcase Warehouse Manager Server Calculate Time Durration from Date and Numeric Time Fields Install Showcase Server Patch [VIDEO] Showcase and JDE World A9.1 Support Variables File Renamed in Client Version 7.10 Windows Server 2008 R2 support for Showcase Client Check Which IASPs are Defined on the iSeries Error When Creating JDBC Connection Within MS ODBC Administrator Clear Out Warehouse Builder Log Messages Uninstall and reinstall Showcase Client Excel Spreadsheet as the Source of a Query Prompt Convert Gregorian Date Prompt Value to Julian Format Calculate the Last Day of the Previous Month Run QSQSRVR Prestart Jobs in the Showcase Subsystem In Warehouse Builder Adding a presql or postsql AS400 Command with quotes fails Windows Server 2003 Receives Unhandled Win32 Exception File is Not a Recognizable Format in Excel Batch Query to Temporary Storage Space Offset Error Showcase 9 Copy and Paste Works Differently Than Previous Releases Can Showcase Query be Used with Non-iSeries Databases? Unable to Create a Data Source on Windows 7, 64-bit Schedule Batch Queries Showcase and Single Sign-oni Query CAST Function Causes iSeries Error Setup Timeout Feature for Showcase Query & Report Writer Showcase Support for Microsoft Office 2010 Migrate Showcase Queries from Pre-version 7.0 to Version 9.x Report Writer and Problem Creating IDAPI Table Showcase Datasource on Windows 7 64-bit: Tabs vs. Menu Bar Monitor Which iSeries Jobs are Invoked by Submitted Queries Setup Non-DB2 Data Sources Install Showcase Client Patch Showcase Query Excel Add-in API's Query Numeric Prompt Returns Operands Not Compatible Message Change Config File for Java Heap Error Modify Showcase Java Properties File Error 0x0012 Opening Existing Report Restrict Batch Query Jobs to Specific Time Limits Showcase Query Excel Add-in Fails with Unrecognizable File Format ErrorShowcase Write Batch Query Results to a PC File Unnamed File Not Found Message Opening Warehouse Manager MCH0601 Space offset error when selecting the Table drop down in Query Security and Aliases of Warehouse Manager Client Temporary Batch Tables Not Cleaned From the Showcase Server Library Showcase Driver CLOB Support Using the CAST Function in Showcase Query Query Output Table Contains Bad Characters SQL Server Fix for Showcase Client Batch Query Resource Limit Exceeded and Stack Overflow Errors Add or Subtract Days, Months, or Years From a Date Showcase iSeries ODBC Driver Not Loaded Due to System Error Create a Virtual Optical Drive for Showcase Server ISO Select the Most Recenct (Invoice) Showcase Install Quick Start Internal Error in Showcase Application Licensing Showcase Products Backward Compatibility Parser Error Creating Query CAST Function Fails with SQL0802 Error Mirror Showcase with MIMIX Showcase QSQSRVR Jobs Multiply Over Time Error Occurred in SQL Call Level Interface Excel Add-in Not Attached After Install Database Name Component of Object Qualifier Must be Name of Current Database Opening Existing Report generates 'BDE error 0x2b05-permission denied' Message Batch Query Issues Data Mapping Error Warehouse Manager Audit Error Change the Location of the Paradox File-pdoxusrs.net Create Sequence Numbers in Query and Report Writer Check for Locks if Showcase Server Fails to End Conversion Error on Prompted Query Showcase Windows Support Configure ShowCase ODBC/JDBC Data Source with MS ODBC Administrator SCXADD32.xll Could Not be Found Specify Different Subsystem or Port Number for Showcase 9.x Error 'Ox2108 received while initializing BDE in Report Writer Data Source Error Code 126 Link the System Date in a Showcase Query Date Condition Showcase iSeries Driver Error in getObjectLibrary Excel Missing Showcase Add-in Menu Query to Return Every Other Record Display Query Summary Totals in MS Excel--Not the Details Specify the JDE Security Table and Libraries in JDE World Environment Using Date Wrappers in Showcase Query Search for an Occurrence of a String Supplied with a Prompt Variable Excel Extendable Detail Area Features and Capabilities Understanding Date Functions and Date Wrappers SCSERVER Job at 86 Percent of CPU Schedule a Batch Query to Run Every Day or Month Convert From Standard Date Format to Julian Date