Showcase V10M02 now supports multiple host instances. As part of this support Showcase creates a new IFS directory structure based on the specified product installation library (prod_lib_name/swi/repository).

This change will affect previous version 10 installations in the following ways:

  • Previous version 10 installations will have a different (old) IFS directory structure, and the install creates a different (new) structure.
  • Objects may have been created or migrated in this directory, or the directory may have been customized. In this case these items will need to be preserved and moved to the new directory.
  • The current HTTP instance will have directives that reference the old IFS structure. This needs to be deleted so the install can recreate it and rebuild the directive for the new IFS structure.

Follow the step below to ensure you preserve and replicate your objects to the new IFS structure:


  1. Issue the following command to ensure the Apache HTTP Administrator server is started:
  1. Using a browser, access the HTTP Administrator with a URL like so:
  1. In the Administrator select Manage\All Servers. Select current HTTP instance (SEQUELWI) and press the Stop button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. When the instance has ended, press the Delete button. You are finished with the Apache Administrator and can close the browser.  
  3. Issue the following commands (at a command line) to ensure everything was cleaned up:

  4. Install the ShowCase 10.2 host and ViewPoint client software according to the instructions included with the software. The install process will create new ShowCase IFS directory structure.

  5. Copy objects from the old IFS structure (/sequel/swi/repository/ to the new structure (/prod_lib_name/swi/repository/) using iSeries Navigator or Windows Explorer.

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Last Modified On: September 02, 2017