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This article explains wether Tango/04 iseries products are compatible or not with a SAVE/RESTORE migration.

Como bajar subsitema T4NICELINK y trabajos dentro del mismo en AS400

Displays a table of compatibility for Tango/04 iSeries products with IBM i O/S Versions.

This entry explains how to force the upgrade of Tango/04 iSeries products, no matter which version you had previously installed. This is the solution if you try to install a new version over an older one and you get an error message like: Library XXXX not installed because current version: XXX is greater or equal than version proposed to install: XXX

In order to create the databases needed by our products in an easier way, we created some scripts to automate it. Related Topics: Products Installation, Deployment Tools
T4BD.dll and Some thinkserver agents mix their logs making very difficult to diagnose.
Tango/04 applications parameters when FQDN (fully qualified domain name) is needed

A table displaying where you can find each data area.

This document details support for independent ASPs in Tango/04 products.

A short article on rectifying an "Unknown user provider" error message.

A quick guide to checking iSeries product versions. 

Whenever you are trying to start a web product, in the first step you get an error saying: "Unable to connect AccessServer".

An article explaining how to backup Tango/04 products that run on Windows. 

A guide on how to manually purge the iSeries databases.