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Message ID: BDH0001 Message: VISUAL Message Center: the QHST monitor is not working properly and delaying message delivery.

The SECMONITOR job starts and ends immediately, if you take a look at the spool file, you'll see no errors. Cause . . . . . : Job 528611/QPGMR/SECMONITOR completed on 28/05/12 at 15:05:49 after it used 0,015 seconds processing unit time. The job had ending code 0. The job ended after 1 routing steps with a secondary ending code of 0. The job ending codes and their meanings are as follows: 0 - The job completed normally. [...] But although it doesn't show any errors nor failures, it ends immediately after it was started.

The KRNSUPERV job is being put automatically in HOLD and notifies this error message: "The record format for output file SLDBM01X in library B_DETECTOR is not the same record format as the system-supplied model file. The most common cause of this is when the record format lenght of file SLDBM01X in B_DETECTOR is shorter than the record format lenght of the system-supplied file. For example, additional fields have been added to the end of the model file in a new release. The formats must match in order for processing to continue."
There are CPF5026 messages on the BD_MONITOR joblog ("Duplicate Key not allowed for member BDHST02X")
Into the Joblog of the BD_MONITOR you find messages with the text: "Duplicate record key in member BDHST02X" or "Duplicate key not allowed for member BDHST02X."
Product 5722999/5761999 *ALL not supported or installed
When I try to get messages from an iSeries system in my SmartConsole I receive this error: "Error message received from the server, error code : 020Eh User XXXXX is not allowed to use SmartConsole at system YYYYYY."
How to analyze audit info when the server does not use SECMONITOR
This document describes the way to avoid restarting USRMONITOR after IPL. In this document there is also a procedure to avoid to launch USRMONITOR job any longer in the system.
How to create an iSeries scheduled job

These documents explain how to replicate iSeries products configuration.

Starting the T4NICELINK subsystem by using the QSTRUP program

Este documento explica brevemente para uso interno los modos de ejecución del agente de seguridad

Como obtener el tamaño de las base de datos en iSeries

SQLMONITOR does not start and the log shows the error ʺMAXIMUM OF 10 MONITORS ALREADY ACTIVEʺ

Guide to using B_DETECTOR authorization lists.

This guide explains how to replicate VISUAL Message Center configuration and data from one iSeries to another iSeries.

A guide to troubleshooting an iSeries installation.

This document explains how it is possible to install Tango/04 products in an iSeries system without an FTP connection through another iSeries system with FTP connection.

A summary of how to run and use the debugging agent script. 

How to change the Job Description to obtain more logging information. 

A short guide on how to run SQLMONITOR without starting HSTMONITOR and USRMONITOR.