Problem description / Issue description

After being started the job SECMONITOR ends immediately logging no errors.

To know if there are errors you have to do this:

1) Execute interactively into iSeries this command:
Put it in SECLVL - Level 4

2) Execute this command to start the Security iSeries Agent:

3) It should fail, but now you'll have a spool file to check its errors:
WRKSPLF QPGMR (asuming the user QPGMR is the one that is defined to start the SECMONITOR job)

4) If there's any error, please report it to our Support Area -->

5) But, if you don't see any clear error message, please execute this other command:
Which will display the errors sent by SECMONITOR to the Sys Operator profile.

6) If'd probably see this error message:



Contact your sales assistance to get a permanent key for:
1) Security iSeries Agent
2) VISUAL Message Center - Security Suite (which includes SECMONITOR)

Additional information (optional)

Additional information (optional)

Change Job description in order to have more logging information


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Last Modified On: October 22, 2018