There is a command line tool that allows to export (and import) an



C:\Program Files\Tango04\AccessServer\bin>AS_ExIm.exe AS_ExportImportTool.exe (export | import | migrate) -s AccessServerHost: AccessServerPort -u user -pass pass -f filename -xv xmlVersion -prov provider -d domain -a application -r rolename -c class -o object -or object (recursive search) Default domain is the current one. Default xv is 100. Default provider is <domain>@WindowsNT. Default application and role are "". Note: Format for object path parameter (-o): /path Incorrect format: //application/path Simply avoid application root. 

To realize a complete backup of the AccessServer database you have to backup all the applications:

  • AccessServer
  • AsLicMan ( for the AccessServer License Manager)
  • T4BDConfigurator
  • SmartConsole
  • Reports
  • Dashboards


To save the Reports configuration which is in the AccessServer present in ps-reports

C:\Program Files\Tango04\AccessServer\bin>AS_ExIm.exe export -s -d PS-REPORTS -u administrator -pass SafeDeploy04 -a "Reports" -r * -c * -or * -f "Reports.smd" 

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Last Modified On: October 23, 2018