Problem description / Issue description

When you are trying to configure for the FIRST time the Access Server, the configuration GUI ends with this error message:

FATAL - Unhandled exception, [Unknown error type]

And if you open the \AccessServer\bin\logs\AccessServer.log file it contains the following error messages:


ERROR - auditLoadConfigFilev100() : Warning: AS_Auditor_ODBC.dll is not configured.
ERROR - License error: Error: Try to introduce Activation Key again.
WARN  - Maximum number of nominal users exceeded.
FATAL - AccessServer::TServerDAO::createAll()  [Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]Se ha denegado el permiso CREATE TABLE en la base de datos 'VMC_AS'.. Statement: CREATE TABLE rids(id varchar(255) NOT NULL, val int NOT NULL, signature varchar(65) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT pk_rids PRIMARY KEY (id));
FATAL - Unhandled exception, [Unknown error type]


Context information

It will only happens in the first configuration of the product, for instance if you are trying to install it.


The problem is due to a lack of security permission for the user that is configured into the DSN Connection (ODBC) to create the necessary tables into the Access Server Database.


Go to your database engine and give the user that will be connecting through ODBC to the database proper permission configuration to create tables.

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Last Modified On: October 23, 2018