General description

The following information is required when submitting a Service Request for Notifier..

1) Log Files

  • GSM.log. All commands sent to the modem. This file is the most important to diagnose problems related to sending / receiving SMS.
  • T4MailTrace.log. All e-mail notifications sent by Notifier.
  • ExcMagic.log. Execution log.

2) Files Required

Notifier is configured through the Windows Registry. The following registry files are required if Notifier is running as a standalone application:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Tango/04\SMS

If running as a service, retrieve the following:

  • HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Tango/04\SMS\

Use the Microsoft regedit tool to locate and export the registry files.

To export the registry files:
Step 1. Click the Windows Start button, select Run... and type regedit to open the regedit tool.
Step 2. Navigate to the required folder in the tree (as specified above), right-click it and select Export.
Step 3. Enter a name for the registry file and click Save.

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Last Modified On: October 23, 2018