When using UNIX/Linux monitors, STTY must be enabled so the remote commands are executed properly.

Even if STTY is enabled we can receive an error that the command '{echo $SHELL 2>//dev//null || (echo $0)' could not be excecuted. When getting this error the first thing we have to check is length and value of the Bash Prompt in the unix command line.

If the value of the bash prompt has different variables and is quite long (p.e: \[email protected]\h [\$(date +%k:%M:%S)]>), this can trigger and error similar than:

Error executing command 'df -P -k 'Reutrn -1 ErrorCode -1 Message: Exception: Command was not fully received in host! command too long?. Command: '{echo $SHELL 2>//dev//null || (echo $0)'.

The best configuration of the shell prompt for the unix monitors is to only have a character, such as '#' or '$'.

To change the shell prompt for the user which is used to connect with the monitor, we have to:

1. Login using SSH to the UNIX/Linux server using the same user configured in the monitors.
2. Modify the .profile file in the $HOME default folder (*).
3. Add this two lines:
     export PS1

4. Save the file

This changes the shell prompt to "$>".

(*) .profile could be a different file depending on the unix/linux distribution.

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Last Modified On: October 23, 2018