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Name Dashboards data migration
Version 1.0


With the increasing relevance of the historical statistic data generated by the ThinkServer monitors, a new step has to be taken into account during the migration of the whole monitoring environment in order to keep the old data and generate the new data in a consistent way.

Bear in mind that performing the typical installation and migration steps will make the data generated by the old-ThinkServer invisible and won't be available in Dashboards.


Keep the old data generated by the old-ThinkServer and generate the new data from the new-ThinkServer in a consistent way, so that all data can be accessed from Dashboards without any loss.

PD Important

Note that this is actually an issue only when the ThinkServer Engine is migrated into a new machine. An SQL Server change is not relevant in this scenario, as we should attach the old DataBases files to the new SQL Server and change the ODBC DSN in the new-ThinkServer machine.


Problem description


Performing the typical ThinkServer installation and monitor migration steps will make the old data generated by the old-ThinkServer invisible. The reasons are the following:

  • When a ThinkServer instance is installed in a new machine, a brand new TSUID is associated to the new instance.
  • When migrating the ThinkServer configurations from the old ThinkServer to the new one by means of the Import/Export Wizard within the ThinkServer Configurator, all monitors published variable identifiers are created from scratch.

The new generated data by the imported monitors in the new-ThinkServer is created with a new set of TSUID, Host IDs, Script IDs, Chart IDs, Variable IDs.


When displaying the Statistical data in Dashboards, only the new data genereted by the new monitors will be shown in the dashboards and tables. Even if the Statistics DB contains the old-ThinkServer data, Dashboards won't be able to show it as all identifiers have been changed in the new-ThinkServer.


To migrate the old Statistics data generated in the source ThinkServer and make it available on the new environment, several steps must be performed:

  1. Migrate the database from the old DB engine to the new one, deattaching and restoring the MDF and LDF files. (only if SQL Server change)*
  2. Copy the l2config.cgf file and the whole \Config folder from the old-ThinkServer machine
  3. Paste the l2config.cgf file and the whole \Config folder to the new-ThinkServer machine
  4. Restart the "VISUAL Message Center - ThinkServer" service in the new-ThinkServer machine
  • Do not consider the first step if the DB Engine is not migrated.

Please, check the Configuration of a monitor to deepen on the reasons of this methodology.

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Last Modified On: October 23, 2018