General description

After applying the key for Knowledge Module it's not allowed to log on Dashboards. This is the error that shows the application:

The key is successfully inserted though NIcelink Configurator, however, Dashboards shows the error above. Reviewing the Dashboards log this is what it shows:

ERROR Tango04.DashBoard.Data.Security.KeyWebHandler - Key Check error code: -1

Conclusion / Solution / Recommendation / Advice

The problem is the NICEcodes.dat file has not enough privileges. This file is located in ..\Windows\System32 or Windows\SysWOW64. This file requires the user which run the Dashboards Application Pool (Network Service) has READ permissions. 

Additional information

Additional information

To be sure this is the real cause of the problem, before adding the metioned permission, it's necessary to validate the following items:

  • use the KeyCheckUtility program to be sure the key is correct.
  • review the Windows Registry to be sure the key was correctly inserted.

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Last Modified On: October 23, 2018