General description

NETWORK SERVICE built-in account is usually used to run the application pools belonging to Dashboards. This account needs to be added in some system folders in order to successfully run the product. If not, the following error will appear:

Despite the message is clear about the folder which lacks the permission, there is another system folder that require the same rights. 

Conclusion / Solution / Recommendation / Advice

The following changes must be done in order to run the application:

Add "Modify" permissions to NETWORK SERVICE account in the following folders:

  1. C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\
  2. C:\Windows\Temp\

Important note: The above instructions only apply if NETWORK SERVICE account is used to run the site's application pool. If another user has been defined in the application pool's configuration, the aforementioned steps may be or not neccesary. As an example, if a local administrator was selected to run the application pool, no changes needs to be performed. Windows folder inherits local administrator permissions so there is no real need to add them again.

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Last Modified On: October 23, 2018