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When you try to execute a report into VISUAL Message Center Reports you get the following error message: "Insufficient Available Memory".

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This error message appears because the server where the Reports is installed (where the Reports web site is running) has less RAM memory than to what you configured in the parameter "Memory Percentage Required".

To check this parameter you have to enter Reports, and in the top bar menu select:

Configuration --> Reports General Options --> memory Percentage Required

When a report is going to start processing, it always takes into account this parameter against what's the actual free RAM memory of the server, if you set this value to 0% (zero), the memory checking won't take place and it will always give True; so all reports will start processing no matter if they are going to take all the possible memory that a process could take in MS Windows (for example, into a x64 OS it will be near 2.8 Gbytes).

Keep in mind that this parameter is a percentage value, so, if you have a server with a large quantity of RAM memory the percentage of free memory required will be greater than a server with less RAM.

ATTENTION! Tango/04 highly recommends NOT to set this value to 0% because the w3wp.exe process related to Reports Web Site could take as much available memory as a process can reach into MS Windows.

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Reports User Guide (Chapter 9 Section 2.5)


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Last Modified On: October 23, 2018