How to

  1. Copye the folders reports and macros located, by default, in C:\Program Files\Reports.
  2. Move reports and macros folders to the folder where Python is installed within Thinkserver (by default C:\Program Files\Thinkserver\PythonLib).
  3. Once in this folder, you should look for a folder named reports_generated and, if it exists, remove it.
  4. Open your favourite text editor (Notepad++ recommended) and modify the file and change the dates located almost at the end of the file and look like this:
    start DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS
  5. Execute the file ModifMacro.bat which calls the script
  6. Substitute the reports located in C:\Program Files\Reports\reports with the new reports generated which are in the folder C:\Program Files\Thinkserver\PythonLib\reports_generated.
  7. Restart IIS and execute your macro.
  8. Restore the original reports from the copy you've made in the first step, again to C:\Program Files\Reports\reports.
*Annotations: Download the files and change their extension as ModifMacro.bat and

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Last Modified On: October 23, 2018