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After upgrading Thinkserver we notice that into Smartconsole there were some systems disconected showing the error: "01F5h Error while obtaining DSN"
ALEV Code Examples SmartConsole Related Topics: Code Examples, ALEV, SmartConsole
Si se quiere incrementar o decrementar masivament en todas las carpetas de una configuracion de SC sin tener que hacerlo uno por uno o sin tener que borrar y hacer de nuevo el multiple copy, aqui encontran una query que puede ser de ayuda.
The HotFix 1 for the Service Pack 6 failed because the update patch had different version.

Configuración del sistema PING-PONG entre SmartConsole.exe y SmartConsoleService.exe

This monitor is a Ping monitor with enhanced behaviour so that it sends additional messages in case of successive Ping problems. Related Topics: Custom Monitors, Network Monitoring
Arrancar Notifier cuando esta instalado como aplicación y es iniciado junto con la SmartConsole

Cómo se puede hacer para que al reiniciar el servidor no se disaparen las alarmas (mails y/o sms)

This entry explains how to obtain log files for the following products: AccessServer Applications Agent Dashboards Database Setting Administrator iSeries Native Products NiceLink Notifier Reporting System Reports Scheduler Shared Objects SmartConsole 7.5 ThinkServer 1.6
Error en WIA o Single Sign On, para algunos usuarios la sesión de AccessServer se inicia con otro usuario
Suddenly we receive this error message in our SmartConsole when it tries to connect and get information from a connected system
Luego de instalar el último ServicePack 06 de SmartConsole, se lanza el error al iniciar la misma y se cierra.
Did you install the latest SmartConsole v8.0 SP on April 3rd, the first day it was available? Was it a clean installation?

This entry explains what do the "MONITOR BD" and "MONITOR" controls in SmartConsole.

This entry will tell you how to change the Console Mode of SmartConsole if you can't get to "Options-> Options-> Console Mode" to put it Resilient or Non-Resilient
The following information is required when submitting a Service Request for SmartConsole V7.5 < t4trace.log >
Al iniciar la SmartConsole se muestra un mensaje de error indicando "DSN Checker error"

Documento donde se detalla el proceso de migración iSeries-SQL Server (Tabla BDHST02X). Además se incluye los archivos necesarios para realizar dicha configuración.

Migracion SmartConsole 7.2
This alarm allows to automatically close the SCP messages (send by the a modified version of the Service Control Point Alarm ) in the OperationConsole. Related Topics: SmartConsole Configurations, ALEV, Operationconsole
When you are trying to connect to an iSeries system from your SmartConsole, you get the Nicelink error 10061
How to purge SmartConsole 8.0 events in Database Settings Administrator to avoid performance issues.

After applying some Hotfix or ServicePack of SmartConsole, the services: VISUAL Message Center Publisher and VISUAL Message Center Messenger had dissappeared.

RFC:Criticalness Configuration : Fading
This article desscribes how to choose credentials to execute a PC program from a SmartConsole Alarm.
These monitors obtain the events list from events.xml file and the variable info from varinfo.xml and values.xml. Related Topics: Custom Monitors, SCADA, Hardware Monitoring
From Windows Server 2008 and 7 on the command net send to send messages from Windows is not available. For these versions and later we can use the command msg, which may be used from SmartConsole following the next steps.
This document explains what is / how to use / how to configure the often called "SCP Alarm" for SmartConsole. Related Topics: SmartConsole Configurations, ALEV
This page is about the SmartConsole.
SmartConsole isn't able to connect to an iSeries system because there are lack of permissions on "BDINZW1C" job.
When the service of the SmartConsole is trying to start it doesn't, and you can see the SmartConsole windows but it hangs up

SmartConsole will not start after a restart and it will get stuck saying it is waiting for Shared Object calendar service. On the web client end, when trying to access the calendar management tab, it will display an error message saying an attempt to access the service while it was unavailable was made.

After the update to the HotFix 5 the error appears.

Job executions and statuses are stored in table TBTCO. Related Topics: SQL, SAP.

An article explaining how to troubleshoot SmartConsole when initializing connections.

On Windows 2008 and above it is not possible to change the Keyboard layout in Windows session 0 when accessing SmartConsole using the "Interactive Services Detection" service.

SmartConsole is not taking into account the regional settings configuration.