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En el log de windows se puede observar el mensaje de Access violation at address 1675DDB8 in module 'T4BDDLL.DLL' y Thinkserver falla al momento de escribir en la base de datos.
En el log de windows se puede observar el mensaje de Access violation at address 78544642 in module 'MSVCR90.DLL'.

Error executing script: SetHealth of Monitor: xxxxxxxxx Log Reader Monitor Operation: Executing scripts Error: <type 'exception.AttributeError'>: CDataTypeConverter instance has no attribute 'setCodification' File "PythonScriptCondition", line 49, in

After installing a new version of RunCommandv3 the monitors stopped working with the message: Error 121: The semaphore timeout period has expired
Mediante este metodo no es necesario armar todo el array de variables para mandarlo luego con SendMessageToSmartConsole
You try to connect using SmartConsole to a ThinkServer System but receives a "-11 connection error" instead
En el EventViewer de Windows se puede observar el mensaje de error descripto en el titulo de este artículo.
Configuration Export Monitor
Configuration of a monitor
"Connection lost: LastBeat" error message appears repeatedly after ThinkServer Configurator successfully connects with ThinkServer service
Monitor que ejecuta via odbc una consulta en la que se define una variable, puede servir para ejecutar un stored procedure. La consulta ejecutada es: declare @prueba int set @prueba = 10304 select top 10 * from t4eventlog where eventid = @prueba Asi que un SP deberia funcionar. No lo probe con un SP complejo.
Al arrancar el servicio de JMXServer WAS éste no acaba respondiendo y da un mensaje de error, mirando en el log pertinente (TSJMXServerWAS.log) se ve un error “Unrecognized Windows Sockets Error JVM_Bind”.
This error appear in the Windows Health monitor. This guide is going to give you a possible solution.
Error in DataSource: 'Could not find ThinAgent'. TCPChecker
Se observa el siguiente mensaje de error en el visor de eventos de Windows: Error initializing SmartConsole DataBase. The DLL T4BdDll.dll has not been found
Al abrir el archivo log de ThinkServer (locallog.log) el mismo se encuentra completo de mensajes tales como: 'Error trying to change monitor activity: Monitor not found' 'Error getting basic monitor configuration: Monitor not found'
When starting Thinksever Configurator in Windows 2008 you get the following error: exception executing asynchronous request in the function: 7 Error in operation : Loading thinagent cannot create file Thinkserver\client/TS109/categories.crc.
Error "You are already editing a monitor!" appears when copying or migrating a huge amount of monitors
Event Log Monitors do not filter correctly by EventId due to the fact that some of the Event Log Identifiers are composed by two different values, the qualifier and the normal ones.

Explicacíon de los parámetros de L2config

When using Linux Security Agents, you get this error: Error executing script: SetHealth of Monitor: XXXXX-Linux SSH Logon Success Monitor Operation: Executing scripts Error: : name 'US' is not defined File "PythonScriptCondition", line 28, in Exception importing modules Traceback (most recent call last): File "PythonScriptCondition", line 19, in File ".\PythonLib\Lib\TSExtensions\UnixSecurity\", line 17, in File ".\PythonLib\Lib\TSExtensions\CUnixSecurity\", line 39, in __init__ File "TSExtensions\src\", line 510, in __init__ File "TSExtensions\src\", line 548, in _LoadPersistedData EOFError
This article explains how to enable auto-monitoring to monitor ThinkServer's L2Launcher.exe processes to detect possible CPU Abuse or Physical Memory leak.
How to use SendMessageToSmartConsole() Python function to set a custom TimeGenerated datetime.
ILO Monitoring
When you are trying to start a File Monitor, or Folder Monitor, you get errors referring to DLL that are not loaded into memory.
The aim of this script is to import the configuration of the native iSeries monitor and to export it to a csv file to be able to use it for multiple copy in iSeries ThinkServer monitors.
JMX Server

There's an error message when trying to start one of the latest Thinagent. Error message for VMWare agent: License problem: Could not start monitor. No valid key for '#VMware - #SERVERNAME# - ESX/ESXi Memory Usage'. There is no registered key for code(s) 'W2'.

In this page you will find a list of the monitored devices in the different Tango/04 Projects.
How to migrate ODBC data sources to one server to another
ThinkServer monitor and Pyhton module to monitor an Application Pool on IIS

Se adjunta el monitor de tipo File Reader para el monitoreo del Default Website del IIS, los cuales por defecto se encuentran en C:\WINDOWS\system32\LogFiles

Se presenta la configuración de los monitores y los reportes para los logs generados por el servicio BlackBerry Dispatcher.
Migration Manager is a tool that allows users to migrate the configuration of a monitor (source) to other monitors (targets) without deleting or changing these monitors. Thus, the monitor keeps its unique identifier (Uuid) and the Dashboards' database is not subjected to any change.
This is a small tool to generate a file based on a Monitor Exportation file.
Monitor de Syslog para parsear eventos generados por la consola RSA Authentication Manager
El monitor de Syslog parsea los eventos capturados a través de Syslog desde el Firewall Checkpoint para recolectar ciertas categoría de eventos relativas a Accesos al Sistema, Administración de Objetos, Backups e Instalación de Politicas y Reglas de auditoría
Several MQ Series packages have been created unofficially during these last years within the SSPP department. Here you can find them all.

Varios paquetes de MQ Series fueron creados extraoficialmente durante estos últimos años dentro del departamento de SSPP (Servicios Profesionales). Aquí los puede encontrar a todos.

When using Linux Security Agents, you may get this error: Error executing script: SetHealth of Monitor: XXXXX-Linux SSH Logon Success Monitor Operation: Executing scripts Error: <type 'exceptions.NameError'>: name 'US' is not defined File "PythonScriptCondition", line 28, in

En esta guia se muestra el procedimiento necesario para detectar errores en el repositorio WMI

The update of Thinkserver fails due to an xcopy error.
Put the python code in a external module and use it in the ThinkServer. Related Topics: ThinkServer, Dashboards, Custom Configurations
Code to obtain the difference between datetimes
In computing, regular expressions, also referred to as regex or regexp, provide a concise and flexible means for matching strings of text.
A monitor used to start and stop other monitors according to calendars defined in a plain-text file. Related Topics: Custom Monitors, ThinkServer Tools
In this page you will find several free SNMP Tools that will help you to implement and test SNMP and SNMP Traps monitors.
Monitor Advanced Data Adapter para realizar un control de los data files y log files de nuestras bases de datos
Tango/04 Database Maintenance Job for T4EVENTLOG table.

As WMI is primarily a Windows function set, the problems described here should be solved by Microsoft - however, we know how frustrating a search for solutions for WMI problems can be so we offer you these suggestions here. Although these procedures are tested and used successfully in many cases we by no means take any responsibility for their outcome and/or negative side effects.

The ThinkServer database is consuming a lot of CPU and resources when the maintenance process is running and the process could not be finished. Note that the version affected is ThinkServer V1.6 SP06. This issue does not affect Alignia.
ThinkServer Java System i Server service crashes and iSeries monitor’s agents stops working.
Since ThinkServer 1.6 SP1, a standalone version of the Python interpreter is bundled with ThinkServer.
TS Custom Storage API

Automatic generation of monitors for Windows Service monitoring. Related Topics: Windows Monitoring, ThinkServer Tools, Custom Monitors, Deployment Tools.

Automatic generation of monitors for Windows Processes monitoring. Related Topics: Windows Monitoring, ThinkServer Tools, Custom Monitors, Deployment Tools.

When Thinkserver Configurator is opened there's a connection error to the ThinkServer service.