General description

ThinkServer Configurator may show an error saying the connection has lost when a it's own timeout expires without being able to connect with the ThinkServer service. This behaviour is normal because ThinkServer Configurator has a 120 seconds timeout by default.
The 120 seconds timeout may change to 5 seconds unexpectedly after applying a new hotfix or simply by a server restart. The aforementioned situation will cause an immediate ThinkServer Configurator disconnection from the service, making it impossible to edit/create/browse monitors.

The image below illustrates the error:

ThinkServer Connection Lost LastBeat

Conclusion / Solution / Recommendation / Advice

The problem could be solved in either two ways:

Editing ThinkServer Configurator settings

  1. Open ThinkServer Configurator
  2. Go to ThinkServer menu option
  3. Enter the "Configurator Settings" option
  4. Go to Environment tab
  5. Change "Reconnection time" field to 120 seconds or any other higher value

Editing the .xml file which contains the desired timeout value

  1. Go to ThinkServer installation folder
  2. Open "client" folder
  3. Look up for the "visorconfig.xml" file
  4. Open the file with some text editor
  5. Search for the string "ReconnectTime"
  6. Replace the number with 120 or higher value

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Last Modified On: October 24, 2018