Problem description / Issue description

There's an error when you try to start a VMware Operations agent that says: "License problem: Could not start monitor. #VMware - #SERVERNAME# - ESX/ESXi Memory Usage. No valid key for '#VMware - #SERVERNAME# - ESX/ESXi Memory Usage' monitor of 'VMware - ESX/ESXi Memory Usage Monitor' ThinAgent exists. There is no registered key for code(s) 'W2'".

This issue can also appear when a Dashboards 2.5 actualization takes place.In fact, this happens any time the file nicecodes.dat is replaced for an older version.

On Nicelink, when entering Keys, the message "Error: Product Not Exist" appears:



The problem will be solved if you update the files:

  • NICECodes.dat
  • TAInfo.dat

You must verify that the file NICECodes.dat contains the lines including the latest Thinagents:

[KI] SOFTWARE\Tango/04\Knowledge Module\iSeries
[KS] SOFTWARE\Tango/04\Knowledge Module\Security
[KO] SOFTWARE\Tango/04\Knowledge Module\Online Service
[KB] SOFTWARE\Tango/04\Knowledge Module\Business Instance
[KE] SOFTWARE\Tango/04\Knowledge Module\External Service
[KC] SOFTWARE\Tango/04\Knowledge Module\Core
[BB] SOFTWARE\Tango/04\ThinkServer\Web Transaction 2.0
[BP] SOFTWARE\Tango/04\Business Processes
[LS] SOFTWARE\Tango/04\ThinkServer\Linux Security
[PB] SOFTWARE\Tango/04\Business Processes Batch
[PO] SOFTWARE\Tango/04\Business Processes Continuous
[BC] SOFTWARE\Tango/04\Business Consumer
[CP] SOFTWARE\Tango/04\Business Processes Continuous Task
[TB] SOFTWARE\Tango/04\Business Processes Batch Task



NICECodes.dat will be located into your C:\Windows\System32 directory (or into C:\Windows\SysWow64 if you have a 64bits OS).

TAInfo.dat will be located in \Thinkserver directory.


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Last Modified On: October 24, 2018