General description

Monitor IIS Application Pools remotely through WMI.
To access remotely IIS by WMI you need to use AuthenticationLevelPktPrivacy which is not possible with the default generic WMI monitor.

This monitor use a python module to create the WMI connection with the appropriate authentification level.


Install the WMI pyhthon module on the ThinkServer
WMI Module:

As Thinkserver's python instalation is not declared in the registry, you first need to fill the registry with the correct information.
You must edit the file python.reg.txt and edit the correct path to your ThinkServer installation. Then you must rename the file to python.reg and import it into the registry (for 64bits system, these registry keys have to be set in the WOW64 part of the registry)


Finally, load the monitor in the Thinkserver and change the varibales to connect to your IIS and enjoy!

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Last Modified On: October 24, 2018