Problem description / Issue description

The database starts to consume a lot of resources but then stops doing so when ThinkServer and the Maintenance service are stopped. 
This is because there are two tables in the ThinkServer database (T4VARDESC and T4DESC) that have many records and they increase in size whenever a monitor refreshes. 



There are several symptoms, these are the most common:

  • Database Settings Administrator is not performing as well as before.
  • The Database server is cosuming a lot of resources and all queries takes a long time
  • Some records in the T4VARDSC or T4DESC tables increase with each refresh.


 ThinkServer and Database Settings Administrator execute a query from these two tables before save a new record, so this process takes a long time because there are a lots of records in these two tables.



First solution

Upgrade to NiceLink 8.0 SP2.


Second solution

Apply the fix that is attached to this ticket.

To apply this fix:

  1. Download the fix.
  2. Decompress the zip
  3. Stop ThinkServer services.
  4. Replace the two libraries in <Program file path>\Common Files\Tango04\
  5. Start ThinkServer services


After the first or second solution you can truncate the two tables with this command in your SQL manager:

truncate table T4VARDESC;

truncate table T4DESC;


Finally after applying one of these solutions, the T4VARDESC and T4DESC will not increase in size.


Attachments (optional)

We have attached a fix with this ticket that you can download and install.

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Last Modified On: October 24, 2018