Problem description / Issue description

When Thinkserver configurator is opened, the following error message appears:

" : Error getting ThinkServer environment configuration: Communications error.
Fault: End of file or no input: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

Location: Client".

Cause (optional)

This problem could be related to many causes, the more commons are:

  • The Thinkserver service isn't responding properly.
  • Activation keys for the Monitoring engine are not inserted correctly, or they are not suitable for the system itself (based on MAC Address and Harddisk serial number).
  • There was a connection time out, due to some networking issue.


Possible solutions are:

  1. Check that the keys of the product are inserted correctly and they are working.
    1. Go to "All programs" --> VISUAL Message Center --> Thinkserver --> Key check utility
    2. Validate that every key is inserted properly and has a green checkbox in its right
    3. If you have some red cross in any of them, please submit a new Licensing ticket through our web portal, and we'll help you as soon as possible to correct this situation (

      NOTE: It will be necessary that you attach the printscreen of the Key Check Utility, where it shown the Red licenses
  2. If there was any networking issue in your company, you may try to close the Thinkserver Configurator application, and open it again
  3. (In the server where you have installed the product Thinkserver, thus, where you are running the service Thinkserver)
    If the main process of the service (T04MonManagerService.exe) or its sub processes (l2launcher.exe) are having some kind of problem, and are not responding timely fashion, then you should try this:
    1. Go to the DOS command line with an administrator account (All programs --> Run... --> cmd)
    2. Execute the following command: "taskkill /F /IM T04monmanagerservice.exe"
    3. Execute the following command: "taskkill /F /IM l2launcher.exe"
    4. Execute the following command: "net stop thinkserver"
    5. Execute the following command: "net start Thinkserver"
    6. Wait 5 minutes till every process is started
    7. Then re-open the application Thinkserver Configurator
    8. In case it doesn't work, please submit a new "Issue" ticket trough our web portal, and we'll help you as soon as possible to correct this situation (

      NOTE: It will be necessary that you attach in the case the files: ...\tango04\thinkserver\locallog.log and ...\tango04\thinkserver\locallog.log.old

Still have questions? We can help. Submit a case to Technical Support.

Last Modified On: October 24, 2018