Config Info
Name CPU Usage Monitor
Version 1.0


 This monitor based on Windows Operacions -  CPU Usage sub-thinAgent, assess criticity according to the time spent over a given Threshold

By default, the threshold for CPU Usage is 99% and the time period considered is 15 min. When it refreshes, if CPU usage is higher than 99 %, a warning message is generated. From the first warning assessment (at time T1), a counter is updated each time the monitor refreshes. If the difference between T1 and the refresh of the monitor is higher than 15 min and CPU Usage remained higher than 99 % for all previous refreshes, then a critical message is generated. Counter is reset when CPU usage becomes lower than 99%

How to use it

  1. Change the monitor and datasourceName according to the server name.
  2. To change the CPU Usage percentage, edit the Health and actions .
  3. To change the time period over which criticity changes from Warning to Critical, change the custom variable MaxMinutesInWarning value.

Messages sent

Message templates are the same than the usual Windows CPU Usage monitors

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Last Modified On: October 24, 2018