Posted Tue, 05 Jan 2021 15:46:34 GMT by Gordon Haines

Automate Version:
Windows Version: Windows Server 2019

I am working on resolving a problem that we encountered last week. We have several year-end jobs that call multiple other jobs (that are normally weekly or monthly) that need to run at the end of the calendar year.

These previously worked two years ago. They failed last year, and then again this year. This time, I decided to track down the culprit and fix it, as we are getting more into using Automate.

I even re-created the job and added a single instance of "Trigger Task - <Task Name>". When this is stepped through, the job fails and reports "<TaskName> TaskPath is not valid".

The current <Task Name> in question runs fine when triggered by its own trigger, or when run manually.

Any and all help appreciated, and thanks in advance

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