Posted Thu, 01 Jan 2015 06:00:00 GMT by Portal Admin

Q. I need to provide a list of the devices monitored by InterMapper and the notifiers attached to them. It can be either a full device list showing the attached notifiers, or lists for each notifier showing what devices they are attached to. Is there a way to do this?

A. One way to do this is to use IMDatabase. Your SQL query will join the "device" and "notifier" tables via "notifierrule".

This query generates a report of device name with notifier count and comma-separated list of notifiers. Devices without any attached notifiers appear in the name column also. (The query is complicated by making a comma-separated list of notifiers.) 


 SELECT, x.cnt, x.notifiers
      FROM device d LEFT OUTER JOIN
           (SELECT server_id,
                   COUNT(o.*) AS cnt,
                       ARRAY (
                            FROM notifier n,
                                 notifierrule i
                           WHERE i.server_id = o.server_id
                             AND i.map_id = o.map_id
                             AND i.device_id = o.device_id
                             AND n.server_id = i.server_id
                             AND n.notifier_id = i.notifier_id
                        ORDER BY
                       ), ', ') AS notifiers
              FROM notifierrule o
          GROUP BY o.server_id, o.map_id, o.device_id
           ) x ON d.server_id = x.server_id
      AND d.map_id = x.map_id
      AND d.device_id = x.device_id
    WHERE d.delete_time = 'infinity'

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