Q. How can I display previous outages older than 48 hours on the web server "Outages" page?

A. By default, the InterMapper web server displays only previous outages from the last 48 hours on the "Outages" page.

If you want to change this value, you need to edit template files which are present in your "InterMapper Settings\Web Pages\~AdminHTML" and "InterMapper Settings\Web Pages\PerMapHTML" folders.

The files to edit in both folders are outages.html and previous_outages.html:
Replace the line: ${PreviousOutages} with: ${PreviousOutages:hours=XXXXXX}
where XXXXXX is the number of hours in the past you would like to see the outages from (the default is 48 hours).

If you find your listing is too long, you can have it constrained to a certain number of lines - again by editing the same template files.
Replace the line ${PreviousOutages} with: ${PreviousOutages:maxrows=YYYY}
where YYYY is the number of rows you want your listing to contain.

Note: You can use only one of the above parameters at a time - either "hours=XXXXX" or "maxrows=YYYY".

After editing the template files you will have to restart the InterMapper web server for the changes to be applied.