Q. Can I use the Alpha-numeric Pager notifier with a numeric pager?

A. In order to use the Alpha-numeric paging feature with a numeric pager, take the following steps:

1) Create a new paging service in the Alpha-numeric Pager Notifier configuration window. Leave the service telephone number blank. (This is what tells InterMapper to do numeric paging instead of alpha-numeric paging.) Data bits, stop bits, parity, and baud rate are irrelevant and may be set to anything legal. Leave the modem init string at the default, ATE0V1. Choose the desired modem. You may create more than one such service, if you want.

2) Create the paging subscriber(s) who will use numeric paging. Set the service field to use the service created in the first step. Set the pager id to be the phone number used to dial the pager. Append to the pager id/phone number enough of your modem's pause characters (for many modems, this will be a comma) to ensure that InterMapper waits to send the tones with the numeric message until the call has been answered and any introductory message played. This will vary from service to service. With the service we subscribe to, four commas, or about eight seconds will do.

3) When creating a notifier based on numeric pager subscribers, edit the message as you normally would, using the InterMapper macros if you so desire. Remember, though, that all non-numeric characters will be filtered out. So, the message:


will become simply