Q. I received this email alert:

Name: switch.dartware.com
Time: 09/03 01:26:55

But when I look at the Event log, I see this:

09/03 01:26:55 alrm switch.dartware.com:: Link Down: [12] GigabitEthernet1/12
09/03 01:27:55 link UP : [12] switch.dartware.com - GigabitEthernet1/12
09/03 01:27:55 ntfy Sent email notification to "Billy Bob" for "Alarm: switch.dartware.com" event. (1 of 1, 60 second delay)
09/03 01:27:55 okay switch.dartware.com::

A. The notifier is not sent right away when the device goes into alarm because there is a 60-second delay. The link goes up. At the same time, the 60 seconds is up. In constructing the notifier, InterMapper sees that there are no links are down, and hence none are listed in the condition field for the notifier. Then the device goes up.

Had the delay been 65 seconds, the notifier would never have been sent. Had the delay been 55 seconds, the notifier would have included index information.