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Okay, this question may belong in the Probe section, but it does concern notifiers too.


I'm trying to leverage the probe <snmp-device-notifiers>, together with <parameters>

I'd like to get this working as a "a quoted specification", as the manual calls it.



Notifier = "Test"
Delay = 0
Repeat = 0
Count = 0


Notifier1: "$Notifier:$Delay:$Repeat:$Count"


This and other formats I've tried haven't worked. Can this section use a variable?







Posted Thu, 09 Mar 2017 00:15:38 GMT by

Hi Vince,

I've never considered using variables in the <snmp-device-notifiers> section of an alarm point probe, but it looks like it might work.

One concern is that the Notifier variable is substituting for a quoted string. I'm wondering if the quotes are making the transition, and whether it's possible to escape them with backslashes if not (substituting \" for a plain ").

The other thing you might try (and you may already have done this) is to wrap the variable name in braces, like

Notifier1: "${Notifier}:${Delay}:${Repeat}:${Count}"

However, the description in the documentation, in enclosing the  value of the SNMP device notifier in quotes, implies that we're looking for a literal, so I won't be surprised if variables don't work at all.

Have you tried substituting the variables only for delay/repeat/count, and leaving the Notifier as a string?

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