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Any way to get more detail? Like, which device?
Currently Get:
Event: Down
Name: SM - SA
Document: 172-WVLANs
Probe Type: Map Status (port 8181)
Condition: 1 devices down

Need something like (from status):
Name: IP: - Name:
SM-TR04 - Location: SM-IMC-Workroom
DNS Name: (Unknown)
Status: DOWN (Unreachable since Oct 02, 15:25:49)
Probe: SNMP Traffic (SNMPv1)
Up Time: 92 days, 23 hours, 39 minutes
sysName: SM-TR04
Contact: HelpDesk 317-789-3750
Location: SM-IMC-Workroom

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One note though-
If you use certain variables like "<EntModelName>" these variables occasionally become undefined when you have "Allow Periodic Reprobe" off. If you do a "Reprobe Selection" then the variable values become defined again. I opened a bug with Help Systems about this.

I like to use this label for all devices:
<Short, Smart Name>

This works great if you have "Allow Periodic Reprobe" enabled, but occasionally fails with you have "Allow Periodic Reprobe" disabled. I hope Help Systems can fix this bug.

I often set "Allow Periodic Reprobe" off for maps since I don't like maps getting messed up by the addition of new VLAN interfaces. I prefer to be able to control when reprobes happen. I do that by selecting all devices, and doing a Reprobe Selection. Then I can clean up the map


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