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Q: How do I send text notifications to my phone? Do I really need to buy and configure a modem for this?

A: No. You can set up email notifiers to the addresses on sites like this and your carrier will forward them to the phone number you include on the address.


If the network problem requiring notifier launch involves the path to the Internet, guess what?

The addresses may be outdated if the carrier changes them or drops the service. Verify, check periodically, and configure a backup notification.

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I do this slightly differently:
I setup a Google Voice account and use a ruby script on the Intermapper server (as a notifier) to use the GV account to send an SMS to any arbitrary phone number. (Probably limited to USA numbers due to GV restrictions.)

Pros: Works when your email server is down as long as you have internet; doesn't require knowing email->SMS address for numbers (eg.
Cons: Requires working connection to Google Voice.

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