Results returned from a command-line probe or from a TCP probe's script are treated as numeric values in the Status Window. For example, if a command-line probe returns:

\{ $temp := '72', $location := 'New York, NY' }

they will both be displayed as underlined values in a Status Window like this:


   Temperature is $temp for $location

This is good for the temperature, since you can click it to create a strip chart. This is bad for the location, as it is also underlined. (Nothing happens if you click, though.) The problem is that each value is being treated as a numeric value.

To force the $location to be treated as a string, you can use the ${eval: ... } macro. Simply enclose the variable name within quotes (" ... ") inside the eval macro, like this:


   Temperature is $temp for ${eval:"$location"}

This works in the section of a TCP probe or the section of a command-line probe.