Q. I have some satellite devices that respond with numeric parameters in strings, e.g. "9.09" or simply "3456". I want to be able to make charts of these parameters. Can a custom SNMP probe convert strings into integers?

A. If the value you're receiving is a straight number, InterMapper should treat it as such, even if it's being sent as a string. Using the DEFAULT type in , InterMapper should automatically recognize a string of "3456" as an INTEGER. Or, if you know that something will be of a certain type, you can just specify that type directly. For example:

var1, , DEFAULT, ""
var2, , INTEGER, ""
var3, , DOUBLE, ""

These should all work, even if the value is a STRING originally. To give a
value a chartable link on its status window, you can use the {chartable} macro in the section, like this:

Variable: ${chartable: #.##: $var1}

The #.## indicates the number of decimal points to use, and $var1 is the
variable to chart. The InterMapper Developer Guide (Creating Custom Probes -> Custom SNMP Probes -> Probe Variables section) has a little more information, and a couple of examples.