The Support Team may ask you to send certain Layer 2 debugging information. This information is saved in the com.dartware.switches folder of the InterMapper Settings : Extensions folder. Here's how to collect the information:

  1. Open the Device List window, and then click the "Layer 2 View" button. You will see a window like this:

  2. Enter each of the following commands into Filter field (at the upper-left), then press Return after each one. These commands erase the current Layer2 database and then turn on additional logging information. There is only one space character for each command - after the word "#set"...
    #set log.kali=true
    #set log.snmp=true
    #set log.cmd=true
    #set log.cmd_detail=true
    #set log.sql=true
    #set log.algorithm=true
  3. Detailed Logging needs to be enabled for our next step. Help > Diagnostics > Detailed Logging > Select Network Events, SNMP OID Errors. Also include an IP address in the IP Address Filter: Field.
  4. Include an SNMPWALK on the IP Address from step 3.
  5. Scan the network again, by clicking the "circular arrow" button at the lower-right of the window.
  6. Send us a screenshot when the scan completes (or even if it doesn't complete after 15 minutes). To do this:
    • Open the Device List and show the Layer 2 View.
    • Choose Help -> Send Screenshot
    • Fill in the information as shown in the image below.
      • Be sure to include a screenshot. (This happens automatically if you chose Send Screenshot. Check the "Include screenshot" box otherwise)
      • In the Summary tab, give a summary of what happened: (Did it complete? Is it still scanning? Are any devices connected or listed incorrectly?)
      • In the Logs tab, check the boxes for all three of the Layer 2 files, plus today's DebugLogyyyyMMMdd0000.txt file.
      • In the Files tab, if you can, export of one of the maps that isn't shown correctly. (optional)

  7. If you are not able to use the Send a Screenshot facility (perhaps a firewall is blocking it), collect the following data from the InterMapper Settings folder which can be located here per OS and then send it by e-mail to
  8. Disable detailed logging using Help > Diagnostics > Detailed Logs and clearing the check boxes selected previously. This will prevent unreasonably large logs.

    • The entire contents of the Extensions : com.dartware.switches folder as a zip archive
    • The most recent InterMapper Logs : DebugLogyyyyMMMdd0000.txt file
    • If possible, a screen shot showing the Device List with the Layer 2 View showing.
    • If possible, include one of the affected maps from the Maps : 6.x : Enabled folder