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We utilize single sign on which of course includes our AS400. With our recent upgrade to Sequel version 10 on the AS400 we have found that whenever someone runs a sequel object (view, report, table) they are prompted for their AS400 user id and password, even if they are currently logged into the AS400. Used to be once logged onto the AS400, you were no longer prompted for the information when running a sequel. Anyway, due to single sign on, we do not know the password. Which means the user cannot execute/display/run a sequel object because they do not have the password to enter. Does anyone know of a Sequel setting or something that we can set so it does not do this any longer? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!! Nina @ Graham

Posted Thu, 16 Jun 2016 05:00:00 GMT by Portal Admin

The connection method for Sequel ViewPoint is determined by the connection settings configured in IBM Client Access.  Review the connection properties on your pc client by right clicking on the iSeries system name in the client access navigator window and selecting properties.  In the properties section, there is a connection tab that is used to specify how user connections are established from the PC.  Sequel ViewPoint uses the same configuration settings.

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