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I'm new at this so please forgive me if my question is basic. How do I include start and end dates on the header of a report? My registration lead is asking for the number of registations per month. I want to write a report and let him run it on his own but don't want calls because the numbers are off...which is why I want to include the date range queried.
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I assume these data ranges are from variables to prompt the user for the beginning and ending date values.  To place these on the report, you first need to add the variables as new columns in the view.  So right clicking on a new column, you would choose Expression Editor.  Place your first variable in the window (i.e.: "&&BEGIN") and then give that column a name.  Do the same thing in another column for the other variable and give that column a name.   Then in the Report tab,  you can slide those new fields on the report anywhere you want to see them.

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