When the statuses stop going between a Robot system and a Skybot system these are some of the things to check:

1.  Do you have a valid license for the Robot/Schedule feature.  If not you will need a temp code. 

2.  Are you at the corrent versions of the product, Robot Schedule and Skybot

3.  Test the connection in the Remote Server in Skybot

4.  On the Robot system, check the file RBTNOTIF file for records. If there are records in that file that means that they can't get over to the Skybot system. May be a firewall between the two or the communication job is not active.

On the Robot system check for object locks on the user profile that is configured in the the Skybot Remote Server. The user profile should be locked by a QZ* communication job. Look for errors in that job's joblog.

The objects to look for on Robot system:



Also look in ROBOTLIB/RBTSDEP  this file should have a listing of each Robot job (listing the Robot job number) for each job that should be reactive in Skybot.