Posted Thu, 27 Aug 2015 14:09:26 GMT by Portal Admin

This is based off history in Skybot, so if there is none, then we cannot get anything for it.






          WHEN job_status='N' then 'Initiated'

          WHEN job_status='S' then 'Submitted'

          WHEN job_status='R' then 'Running'

          WHEN job_status='C' then 'Complete'

          WHEN job_status='F' then 'Failed'

          WHEN job_status='V' then 'Member-Failed'

          WHEN job_status='E' then 'Error'

          WHEN job_status='A' then 'Canceled'

          WHEN job_status='X' then 'Member-Canceled'

          WHEN job_status='H' then 'Condition-Check'

          WHEN job_status='W' then 'Condition-Wait'

          WHEN job_status='K' then 'Skipped'

          WHEN job_status='M' then 'Managed'

          ELSE job_status

       END job_status_name,

  to_char(to_timestamp(server_ended_time_utc/1000), 'YYYY/MM/DD HH24:MI:SS TZ') server_ended_timestamp

from job_histories

 where id in (select MAX(ID) from job_histories group by job_id)

order by job_name

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