Posted Tue, 25 Aug 2015 19:02:48 GMT by Portal Admin

Installing and managing Skybot Scheduler Agent on a MS Cluster

  • Set up the cluster.
  • The Skybot Agent needs to be installed on each node in the cluster.

o   Install on the shared storage in the same location using the same ports for each node.

o   Because there are some local files the install needs to be run from each node.

o   Log in to Skybot Scheduler to see that the agent starts after each install.

o   Edit each agent by adding a pre-defined Notification List or User to the Offline Notification field so that you will be notified when the Agent goes off-line.

o   Stop the Agent using the Skybot Scheduler Agent Manager.

  • From the Control Panel on the cluster node select Services and stop the Skybot Scheduler Agent Service and the Skybot Transponder Service.
  • Set the Skybot Scheduler Agent Service and Skybot Transponder Service to Manual Startup Type.
  • Add the Skybot Agent Server Service and Skybot Transponder Service to the cluster manager as a New Cluster Resource.

o   Resource Type is Generic Service.

o   Add Possible nodes

o   Add Shared Storage as a Dependency

o   Add Service name: Skybot Agent Server Service

o   Add Registry Key for Skybot Agent Server Service:

  • \SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Skybot(64-bit)
  • \SOFTWARE\Skybot(32-bit)

o   When the cluster fails over the service will automatically start up on the active node.

  • To move the objects from the failed node to the active node

o   Log into Skybot Scheduler

o   Select Agents and right-click the failed Agent

o   Select Replace and select the new active agent as the replacement

o   All jobs and objects will move from the failed agent to the active agent

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