Automate Schedule makes transferring files easy. Once you have a file transfer system set up, you just enter file names and directories to work with, and Automate Schedule writes the command for you automatically. This video describes the steps needed to create a file transfer system.



Creating a File Transfer System

In this demonstration, we will create a file transfer system using the Skybot Scheduler Job Management System. File transfer systems let you define remote systems in one spot, then quickly point to the remote systems when creating jobs. For example: If you have one remote system that fifty different jobs need to send files to, you don't need to enter the remote system information in every job. You just select which file transfer system you want the agent to send or receive the file from, and Skybot Scheduler does the rest.

From the Skybot Job Scheduler home page, point to scheduling objects and click "file transfer systems". Now click "create file transfer system". The file transfer systems page appears. Use the general section to set basic information about the file transfer system and click "Saved to the FTP system". Congratulations! You have now created a Skybot Scheduler Transfer System.

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Last Modified On: October 24, 2019