Before You Begin

The information on this page will help you get started with Automate Schedule.

  • You must install the server and agent software before accessing the Automate Schedule browser. You can find the installation instructions for both the server and agent under Installing and Configuring Automate Schedule.
  • To access help while working in Automate Schedule, simply click the help icon on any page.

Accessing Automate Schedule

  • After you've installed the server and agent software, point your desktop web browser to the following URL:

    where is the IP address of your enterprise server.
  • Enter a password for the admin user.
  • After setting your password, the Automate Schedule home page and Getting Started section displays.

Getting Started

Follow the instructions in the Getting Started section to complete your installation and configuration.

Managing Users and Roles

The role-based security in Automate Schedule ensures that your users have access to only the parts of the product they need to perform their jobs. Roles contain a set of permissions to various Automate Schedule functions. Automate Schedule ships with three default roles: Administrator, Operator, and User. Use the Roles page to create new roles, if needed.

Create a role for every position or level of security clearance that needs to use Automate Schedule. Use the Roles feature to assign permissions for each user.

To create roles:

  • Point to the Admin menu and select Roles.
  • Click Create Role.
  • Set permissions for the new role and click Save.

To create users:

  • Point to the Admin menu and select Users.
  • Click Create User.
  • Enter the user's information. Be sure to assign a role.
  • Click Save.

Creating Jobs

  • Point to the Jobs menu and select Individual Jobs (or Member Jobs if you're adding jobs to a job suite).
  • From the Jobs page, click Create Job. The Job settings page displays.
  • Enter job information in the provided sections.
  • Click Save to save the job and return to the Jobs page.

For information about scheduling options, click the help icon in the upper right corner.


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Last Modified On: February 13, 2020