With Automate Schedule, you can create jobs that run only after certain prerequisites have been met. File arrival is just one of the options you can choose.



Creating a Dependent Job Based on File Arrival

If you have a process that depends on a new file arriving on your website from a customer or a file arriving on your FTP server from a vendor, Skybot Scheduler, the easy to use job scheduling software, saves you time by automating that process.

First, create an agent event monitor to monitor for the new file. Watch our video on creating event monitors to learn how to do this. Once your file event monitor is set up, schedule a job to process the file.


Creating a Dependent Job

When scheduling the job, leave the schedule type as an unscheduled job. Watch our video on creating jobs to learn how to do this. Once you have your agent event monitor and your job created, you simply link them together by adding the monitor as a prerequisite to the job. Right click the job, point to "edit job," and select "prerequisites." Select "add prerequisite" and open the dropdown list "run when." For this example, let's select the "new agent event monitor" as the prerequisite. Click "ok" to save.

The Benefits of Creating Dependent Jobs Based on File Arrival

Congratulations! You've now created a dependent job based on file arrival. Now each time a new file arrives matching the parameters that you've entered, the job that processes the file will be submitted if needed immediately. No more guessing what time to schedule a job. No more having to check for the file manually. The setup is fast and easy and automates your job processes.

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Last Modified On: October 24, 2019